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Designing and constructing a deck is one of the most sought-after backyard DIY projects. Whether you want to host large parties, enjoy some time in the sun, or grill outdoors, this task requires careful consideration and precision.

Depending on the size of your deck, it may require various materials and features. But before anything else, determine its purpose and location.


Decks can be a great addition to your yard and serve many purposes. The design of your deck should reflect your lifestyle and cater to all family members’ requirements.

When selecting materials for your deck, you should also take into account its layout and stairways/paths. Easy access will encourage people to make use of it regularly in their daily lives and make it more functional.

It’s wise to keep your deck between 20%-30% of your home’s total square footage, in order not to overpower it visually.

Additionally, you should take into account how much money you want to invest in the project. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, it may be worth investing extra for materials and a layout that suits your lifestyle and meets all your requirements.

If you’re not sure how to design a deck, there are several easy-to-use design tools online and in apps. Our 3D Deck Designer is one of the best options, boasting robust building features for creating your perfect outdoor space.


Constructing a deck is an excellent way to extend your outdoor living area and increase the value of your home. However, it’s essential that you understand what materials are necessary and select ones suitable for your requirements.

Wood is the most common decking material, and there are various types to choose from. Some varieties provide protection from rot and insects while others simply look better visually.

In addition to wood, you may consider composite or plastic lumber. These products are engineered with additives to make them stronger, UV-resistant, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Plastic lumber can be designed to replicate wood graining and come in an array of colors. Plus, it’s durable and low-maintenance.


Before you can begin construction, it is necessary to accurately lay out your deck in its desired position and dimensions. Do this by transferring the scale deck plan’s shape and dimensions onto a full-sized construction area.

Begin by drawing a straight line along one of your deck plan‘s longest edges, and inserting an 18-24 inch wooden stake at each corner.

String lines can then be used to accurately locate the center of your footings and decide where each post should go. In general, center the beam under each post and space your footings approximately 4 feet apart.

Once you’ve located your footings, run a string line around the perimeter of your deck to verify its squareness. If there is a mitered corner, measure back from that outside string line an equal distance on both sides and then run another string line to confirm.


A sound strategy is the most crucial aspect when building a deck. It will determine how you construct it, what materials you use, and even how you care for the deck once installed.

Your deck design should be determined by the purpose you have in mind. Do you want it for family relaxation, outdoor cooking, or private sunbathing? Which strategy works best for you depends on what that area will be used for.

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