By Dominic LutyensFeatures correspondent Véronique Cotrel’s Stairway to Heaven design was inspired by American mid-century modernism (Photography: Amaury Laparra) Quietly luxurious British and American interiors styles have merged over the centuries. What are the elements of this ultra-rich, “old money” look, and what makes it so timeless? The stratospherically rich […]

Who says pool parties are just for summertime? Soon enough the temperatures are going to really drop and the snowflakes will be flying. In fact, the Old Farmer’s Almanac has predicted snow in October for much of Michigan this year, and then it’s sounding like we could see “blizzard after blizzard” – UGH. […]

Having a finished basement tends to be a huge selling point for so many homebuyers. For the most part, people are keen to purchase a home with a finished basement and will even spend more money on the property as well. In fact, finished basements are a hot commodity — and […]

Skirting boards are a common sight within homes of all ages and sizes. As traditional techniques are replaced with new ones, more and more modern homeowners are turning to up-to-date skirting board styles to really add a unique touch to the finish of the property. In this post, we’ll be […]