The kitchen is much more than just a room for preparing food. These days, it’s used for hosting, socializing, and dining, too. With so many functions, the kitchen has to work harder to cater to all the uses – a kitchen island is an elevated, stylish, and practical way to

Arizonans have earned their seats on the patio after surviving the scorching summer. And there are plenty of restaurants around Phoenix with exceptional patios with shade, twinkling lights and great people-watching. But, if you’re looking for something more casual or just heading out for a drink, breweries offer lovely alternatives

Countertops are doing a lot of work for us these days. Not only are they essential for, well, food prep and cooking, but they tend to be where we store our everyday large appliances like microwaves and coffee makers. Add to it all of the other fancy appliances that make


By Dominic LutyensFeatures correspondent

Quiet luxury interior
Véronique Cotrel’s Stairway to Heaven design was inspired by American mid-century modernism (Photography: Amaury Laparra)

Quietly luxurious British and American interiors styles have merged over the centuries. What are the elements of this ultra-rich, “old money” look, and what makes it so timeless?

The stratospherically


Many people want the same things as they get older: to stay in their own homes, to maintain independence for as long as possible, and to turn to family and friends for help when needed. Staying in your own home as you get older is called “aging in place.” But