I’m an interior designer. Here are 5 things I’d buy at HomeGoods and 5 I’d skip.

Tyka Pryde Edwards wearing a light blue sweatshirt taking a selfie in front of a homegoods storefront

I’m an interior designer and I shop at HomeGoods — here’s what’s worth buying and what I think you can probably skip.Tyka Pryde Edwards

  • I’m an interior designer who shops at HomeGoods — here’s what I buy there and what I usually skip.

  • I don’t buy the office supplies, kitschy tin yard decor, or any artificial plants and flowers.

  • HomeGoods’ selection of accent chairs, rugs, and large mirrors is impressive.

As an interior designer and television art director who deals with tight deadlines, HomeGoods has always been my go-to store for finding pieces that can quickly pull a room together.

When shopping at HomeGoods, it’s important to ensure that your design choices reflect your unique personality and are curated with high-end-looking, well-made pieces.  It’s also crucial to exercise caution to avoid ending up with a cart full of lackluster items.

Here are five things I shop for at HomeGoods and five I typically avoid.

HomeGoods offers an excellent selection of large floor-length mirrors that can instantly transform a space.

a row of tall, large mirrors on display at homegoods

HomeGoods has a mirror style for just about anyone.Tyka Pryde Edwards

Mirrors create the illusion of a larger room and also add depth and light to the area. Whether you prefer sleek and modern designs or ornate and vintage-inspired frames, HomeGoods often has an array of options to suit various design styles.

Finding captivating and affordable large-scale artwork can be a daunting task, but HomeGoods can be a treasure trove in this regard.

a large piece of artwork with paint brushstrokes in blue, gray, peach propped on the floor of a homegoods

Sometimes I customize my canvases from HomeGoods.Tyka Pryde Edwards

From abstract paintings to photographic prints, HomeGoods’ art section often boasts an assortment of eye-catching pieces that can become the focal point of any room.

Such artwork can add personality, color, and a sense of artistic flair to your space. If I can’t find a piece of art that speaks to me, I will often buy a large canvas from HomeGoods and paint something simple and abstract on top of it to suit my needs.

The chain is an excellent destination for finding unique and stylish accent chairs.

orange armchairs on a gray carpet in a homegoods display with a round wood table between them

HomeGoods is a good place to look for accent chairs.Tyka Pryde Edwards

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to complement your existing furniture or want to add a pop of color or texture to a room, HomeGoods often offers a wide variety of accent chairs in different styles, fabrics, and finishes.

With a discerning eye and patience, you can discover the perfect chair that’s comfortable and stylish.

HomeGoods is also my go-to store for finding budget-friendly and stylish rugs in a hurry.

a large gray rug with lines in a homegoods store

A good rug can tie together an entire room.Tyka Pryde Edwards

I can always count on HomeGoods to have a stylish 8-foot-by-10-foot rug in stock and ready to go. Style-wise, the chain often has a diverse assortment to suit various design preferences.

Rugs anchor a room, define different areas, and add warmth and texture to your space. With a little exploration, you can find rugs that align with your style and bring your entire design concept together.

The chain’s a great resource for finding affordable and inspiring coffee-table books.

piles of coffee-table books on glass shelves in homegoods

Coffee-table books can be expensive so I appreciate HomeGoods’ deals.Tyka Pryde Edwards

Coffee-table books serve as decor accents and also offer a delightful reading experience for you and your guests.

Whether you’re interested in art, fashion, photography, or travel, HomeGoods often stocks an assortment of beautifully curated books that can spark conversation and add a touch of sophistication to your living space.

On the other hand, I steer clear of displays with yellow-gold imitation brass.

gold statues and vases on a table display in a homegoods store

Bright yellowy gold isn’t always the best move to add flair to a space.Tyka Pryde Edwards

HomeGoods’ decorative objects section often showcases an abundance of faux-gilded bookends and painted shiny yellow-gold vases.

It seems as if King Midas himself infiltrated the store and declared, “Everything must be golden!” However, I think an overload of metallic monotony lacks regal appeal.

Instead, seek out items that offer a natural and authentic brass look and feel, and use them sparingly. It’s all about balance.

HomeGoods offers a wide selection of throw pillows but their quality can be inconsistent, in my opinion.

gray, yellow, and blue pillows stuffed onto shelves in a homegoods

You can certainly find hidden gems in the pillow aisle.Tyka Pryde Edwards

The chain tends to have a vast inventory of pillows which makes it challenging to guarantee every item will meet my high-quality standards.

You may stumble upon hidden gems in terms of design and craftsmanship, but I think there’s also a high likelihood you may encounter poorly made and unattractive pillows.

It’s essential to prioritize quality and aesthetics to elevate your space, so really give your pillows a good look before taking them home.

The chain’s selection of office supplies and decor is fun, but usually not very sophisticated.

Clocks, paper holders, and small drawer units on glass shelves in a homegoods store

You can find unique knickknacks in the HomeGoods’ office-supplies aisle but they’re not always super classy.Tyka Pryde Edwards

Surprisingly, I’ve found the office-decor aisle at HomeGoods rarely items that align with sophisticated design.

It tends to be a treacherous land of oversized paper clips shaped like llamas and desk organizers resembling mini Ferris wheels. Your workspace deserves a chic and elegant approach, not a circus sideshow.

Keep your desk mostly clutter-free and save the quirkiness for a well-deserved coffee break.

You don’t need faux botanicals in your space.

Glass shelves with faux plants and flowers in a variety of vases in a homegoods

Embrace the natural beauty of plants to enhance your interior design.Tyka Pryde Edwards

As with many stores that sell decor, HomeGoods stores often feature an array of artificial flowers and plants that would leave Mother Nature shedding a tear.

But remember, no amount of plastic can replicate the beauty and vitality of real flowers.

Spare your living space from the tyranny of tacky fake flowers and seek out the real deal for an authentic touch of natural beauty. Or, opt for dried florals and branches for a more affordable and low-maintenance option.

The tin garden decor is a bit too kitschy for my taste.

A HomeGoods display of lawn ornaments and watering cans on glass shelves

It can be tricky to elevate your outdoor space with brightly colored tin items.Tyka Pryde Edwards

I’d steer clear of the outdoor section at HomeGoods, which is often filled with an abundance of flamingos and garden gnomes. I’d skip these kitschy items and instead look for pots that resemble natural stone or concrete to achieve an organic and upscale look.

Create an outdoor oasis that reflects your style with thoughtfully chosen furnishings, elevating your outdoor space to new heights.


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