Kitchen Decoration App – How to Download for Free

Are you overwhelmed by your kitchen remodeling project? You’re not alone. Revamping your kitchen is not an easy task, so you are allowed to fret.

Thanks to technological advancements, you no longer need to commit financially (or emotionally) to a remodeling plan you are not 100 percent sure about. With apps like HomeByMe, you can remodel your kitchen on-screen and visualize before spending hundreds of dollars on it.

Unbelievable, right? This app is a great place to begin your planning! In this article, learn what amazing features HomeByMe offers, how you can download, and how to take full advantage of its offerings.

Kitchen Decoration App - How to Download for Free

What is HomeByMe?

HomeByMe is a trending mobile app that is ideal for individuals looking for home renovation ideas. This app not only offers a variety of design inspirations but is also a great medium to explore and refine ideas at your own pace.

The app allows you a unique opportunity to interact with the kitchen space you wish to redesign. It utilizes augmented reality technology and HD imaging to provide high-quality 360° views of the room.

With this cutting-edge mobile application, you can move and rotate 3D items in real-time to see different versions of the makeover. If you ever get stuck during the designing process, you can also get inspiration from other people’s kitchen makeovers on the HomeByMe community projects tab.

HomeByMe Features to Look Out For

When you are fueled by inspiration from the expertly curated image gallery on HomeByMe community projects, you can begin creating your own. You can sketch your plan in a 2D drawing, which can be instantly brought to life with 3D modeling.

The application has a selection of furniture and accessories from the mainstream, designer, and top-of-the-line brands. So, you can choose from over 20,000 pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures, floor and wall covering to express your style.

You’re going to love designing your kitchen on this easy-to-use free application. When your designing process is completed, the outcome will be transformed into an HD image that looks very real.  You can also immerse yourself in a 360-degree view of your future kitchen with VR tools.

How to Download This Kitchen Decoration App

iPhone and iPad users can try out this advanced app without spending any money. Yes! You can download HomeByMe from the app store for free and take full advantage of its starter pack.

The starter plan allows up to three projects and three renderings, which is enough for simple kitchen renovation planning. If you want to experience more than these basic features, you can get a one-time pack for $16.50 or an unlimited plan for $29.99 per month.

These paid options offer features such as 360-degree viewings and professional usage rights. If you take the annual unlimited subscription, you can score 2 free months! HomeByMe is compatible with iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, iPad 2017, or later models. You may also access your process from the HomeByMe website.

How to Use the Kitchen Decoration App?

Instead of fiddling with furniture and trying out different arrangements in your kitchen, you can use the app’s markerless augmented reality technology to preview objects in your kitchen. But, how? It’s a very easy process! All you have to do is create a profile and open a new project from the “PROJECTS” tab.

There are three ways to begin your floor plan, and the fastest way is to choose a room shape. Next, you can furnish and decorate using ARKit technology. You can choose furniture and decorations from HomeByMe’s multi-branded catalog and place the true-to-scale decorative elements in the 3D version of your own kitchen. You can also move, rotate, and interact with them in any way you like.

When you have finished your designing process, you can use the Family Sharing option to get feedback from others. If you are still clueless about how to design, furnish, and decorate your kitchen space on the app, HomeByMe has prepared a selection of easy-to-follow tutorials as well.

Kitchen Decoration App - How to Download for Free

The Bottom Line

HomeByMe is the perfect app to unleash your creativity on a virtual platform before making a big investment. You can fiddle around with in-app components such as furnishings and decorations and only invest in pieces that will surely boost up the appearance and functionality of your kitchen.

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