Renovating A Residential Building? 3 Top Tips To Keep Tenants And Contractors Safe

When you own a residential building and want to rent out some of the apartments, you will be taking on a lot of responsibility. If you intend to do some renovating to create a safe and welcoming space, you are going to be liable for the health and safety of any contractors and employees on the site. And once all the work is done, you’re going to be responsible for the tenants and other people who are going to be on the premises. Here are the top tips that will help you to keep tenants and contractors safe when renovating a residential building.

Allow The Air To Circulate With Ventilation

Before you actually start the renovation process, you should have a plan of what you’d like to achieve at the end of the project. Look through all the legal requirements and make a list of things
that need to be added or repaired. Make sure that you include a ventilation system that will allow the air to circulate throughout the building. Companies like Dantherm can help you to learn about their ventilation solutions and choose the best one for your project. Then, your tenants won’t need to deal with dampness and other situations that might put their health in danger. It might also help you with heat recovery and cut the carbon footprint of the building and the energy bills of your tenants.

Pay Attention To Fire Safety

Residential buildings are legally obliged to go through fire assessment. When you’re going through the project, you need to equip the building with fire alarms that can alert the tenants if they are in danger. Then, you should regularly check that the alarms work. Make sure that the building can provide people with safe routes in case of fire. Put on the walls instructions that will remind the tenants what they need to do and how to get into safety if needed. You also need to place fire extinguishers throughout the building to protect the health of your tenants. Taking such precautions can help you to ensure that you’re following the law and doing your best to keep all the people in your residential building safe.

Check The Pipes Regularly

Another thing that you need to check in the residential building is the pipes. They carry water to all the apartments and might put your tenants in danger with Legionella bacteria. That might make your tenants suffer from Legionnaire’s disease and make their lives more complicated. As a landlord, you’re responsible for the risk assessment and checking of the pipes. Get in touch with an expert who can help you with the entire process and come up with an actionable plan if there are any issues. To make sure that all the people living in your building are safe, carry out the assessment once a year. Then, you might have more reassurance that your tenants are living in a healthy environment.

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