The Complete Home Maintenance Guide for All Seasons

Every homeowner can keep their home in perfect shape with our home maintenance guide. It is almost impossible to remember every chore and perform it at the right time.

However, instead of memorizing every task for all seasons, scheduling all the home improvement responsibilities in a document is better. Again, the list might be extensive enough, and you can’t manage or check every task according to its seasonal spell.

Check out our expert advice with the perfect repairing and inspecting tools to perform all these home upkeeping tasks without any assistance:

A Detailed Guide to Home Upkeeping: Complete Checklist

Whether buying a new home or looking to maintain your current living space, you must enlist a new home checklist or have a full home maintenance guide.

It’s a great idea to create a logbook or a home maintenance schedule to collect all the actionable tasks and perform them at the right time.

There is a difference in the maintenance inside the home or taking care of your outdoor garden. The householders can’t similarly mix these responsibilities. They have to perform or handle every chore with a different mindset.

To ease up all the general upkeep home maintenance plans, here are the actionable setups which the householder should take to make their living space heavens on earth:

Monthly Actions

Instead of creating a daily checklist, you should start this home improvement practice on a monthly basis. You just need to examine your living space once a month to save your investment and time.

Check the following key points to organize your monthly housework jobs:

  1. Examine all the air vents of your home.
  2. Must dispose of the garbage and change its bag.
  3. Drain all the minerals deposits and sticky hair from all sinks and unclog your bathtub.
  4. Thoroughly clean your vacuum cleaner after taking apart all its gears.
  5. If you have installed a clean water filtration system, inspect its cartridge.
  6. Must clean all the kitchen appliances once a month.

2. Quarterly Actions

The property maintenance tasks can be divided on a quarterly basis for easy management as well. There are some intentional or unused spaces in your home. You must visit these corners of your home every two to three months.

Let’s find out the actionable tasks of a homeowner which should be taken after every three months:

  • Examine the water softener and include the salt if required.
  • Must check all the appliances in your guest room. Sometimes the householders never visit the unused spaces of their homes. Flush the bathroom and check the water flow from the sink so that all these gears are in working condition.
  • You have to inspect the carbon or smoke detectors every two to three months in your home.
  • Inspect the electric wires and frayed cords in a three-month routine.
  • Must do a cleaning session to all screens or glasses of your windows and doors.
  • You have to visit your basement as well and check all the exhaust fans and grills.
  • Check all the valves of your plumbing system.

3. Bi-Annually Actions

Every home can be preserved with a home maintenance checklist of six months intervals. The season’s takes can also be easily accomplished in this way.

Many home improvement specialists also recommended this practice for better care and cleaning performance:

  • Always do a deep cleaning session after every six months.
  • Must visit your backyard and do all the necessary cleaning in this outdoor space.
  • Do repair work to the wooden parts of your home. You can do a quick polish to the wood surface if needed.
  • Check the water heat and the pressure from its valve.
  • Examine your house’s exterior drainage system carefully; if you find any wear and tear, then repair it yourself or hire a professional for this job.
  • Must take a closer look at all the gutters of your house.
  • Observe the electric lines coming toward your home; if you find any obstacle, you must remove it.

4. Annual Actions

You can’t handle all the yearly home maintenance actions at once. It is a better option to divide this task season-wise or according to the geographic nature of your area for better cleaning results:


Spring is always the best season for everyone to enjoy their lives. The homeowners should focus more on the exterior setup of their living area and do routine maintenance in spring in the following ways:

Home Maintenance during Spring

  • Remove all the dead leaves and weeds from the green area of your lawn.
  • Seed and fertilize your yard with the right ingredients.
  • Replace all the spoiled window screens.
  • If you find a damaged chimney, then repair it as well. It is better to take pro service for this job.
  • Check all the air conditions and prepare them for the next summer season.
  • Inspect all the drainages of your home.
  • Exterior paint sometimes becomes necessary after the winter season.
  • If you face snow storms, use the snowblower on the entire outdoor area of your home.
  • Examine the roofing of your home, and repair all the leakages issues.


Here comes the important steps to be taken after a summer season:

Home Maintenance during Summer

  • Remove the dust from all doors and polish the surface with the correct products. Take care of the garage door as well.
  • Check your refrigerator, and thoroughly clean the dip tray and freezer coils before the arrival of summer.
  • Seal all the tile grouts with the right sealant setup.
  • Must prune trees and shrubs every summer season.
  • Examine all the cabinets and sinks of your kitchen and bathroom; replace any showerhead or faucet if required.


As the fall season arrives between the end of summer and before the winter season, every householder should take care of this season precisely to prepare themselves for the longer spells of rain and snow.

Home Maintenance during Fall

You can enjoy a perfect household setting by keeping the following key points in your mind:

  1. Start the fall maintenance by inspecting the water heaters.
  2. A chimney should be cleaned and in working condition before the arrival of the snow season.
  3. If you find any driveaway crack or gap, fill it with the right material.
  4. Purchase the winter shovels and other warm stuff for all your family members.
  5. Aerate your lawn with a perfect machine.
  6. Fix all the plumbing leaks before the rainy weather.


Finally, you still have to list lots of home maintenance tasks to enjoy the winter season, which are:

home maintnenace during winter

  • Cover all the air condition units of your living space.
  • Drain your warm water faucet and fix all the glitches in it.
  • Tighten all the racks, handles, and knobs.
  • Oiling your door locks before cold weather.
  • Never overlook the basement; always do a deep cleaning session before the winter season.
  • Repair all the nearby areas of your bathtub and shower with the right caulk.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done on the House?

To maintain your house, you must inspect all the indoor appliances and outdoor setups. If any repair is required to your utility tools, you have to do it. Moreover, the raking leaves and pool sides should also need regular cleaning.

How Much Should I Set Aside for Home Maintenance?

You must save at least 1 percent of your revenue and spend it on home maintenance tasks. Most newly built houses need less maintenance, but the one percent rule is easy to remember and preserve.

How Can I Keep My House in Top Condition?

You can keep your house in the best condition with all the instructions described in this informative guide. It is better to get yourself ready before the arrival of any season and remember all the home maintenance procedures.

What is a Maintenance Checklist?

The maintenance checklist is actually a logbook to enlist the tools and tasks for home improvement. You can add all the repairing, inspecting, and ensuring the working condition of all the gears placed in your home. It is easy up your job of remembering each and every task in your mind.

What Should Homeowners Do Every Year?

If you want to do the yearly home upkeeping tasks with a DIY approach, you can write all the annual functions in a document so you will not forget any action.

It includes all the cleaning, repairing, and inspecting jobs to maintain your house in working condition.

Final Inspection

Documenting the home maintenance checklist will make it very easy to remember and perform all the upkeeping tasks efficiently. The life of your house will be improved, and you will not find bigger issues for a longer time.

Besides all these facts, the actionable steps in maintaining your home heavily depend on your region. If you are residing in longer, colder seasons, then you can switch these tasks accordingly.

If you think I forget any hack in this home maintenance guide, then you can mention it in the comments section to increase our knowledge.

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