JD Logistics Accelerates Global Expansion with New Express Delivery Service to North America and Europe

During this year’s Black Friday, JD Logistics witnessed a 70% surge in overseas outbound orders, a significant increase from the same period last year. The company attributes the increase in large part to the implementation of automation technology and advanced AI algorithms, which have been instrumental in helping merchants accurately forecast sales and prepare inventory. Notably, JD Logistics’ forecasting accuracy rate exceeded 95% during Black Friday.

JD Logistics’ self-developed international warehouse management system (iWMS) played a crucial role. This cutting-edge system schedules a variety of intelligent devices, resulting in a more than threefold increase in the operational efficiency of overseas warehouses. The iWMS is a boon for local vendors, enabling them to manage a large number of SKUs effectively and allocate products to warehouses closest to consumers in advance. This foresight significantly reduces order fulfillment times from 7 days to just 2-3 days in overseas markets.

JD Logistics’ technological advancements extend to its overseas warehouses across Europe, North America, and other regions, where the company has deployed nearly one thousand pieces of automation equipment, including Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Container Transport Units (CTUs), sorting robots, and sorting conveyor equipment. Utilizing these advanced automation technologies, JD Logistics has developed an innovative Power-Sorting-Picking (PSP) model, significantly boosting picking and sorting efficiency—achieving more than a threefold increase compared to traditional manual methods.

“JD Logistics’ advanced automation and intelligent strategies are transforming the global logistics ecosystem,” said Tian He, Chief Technology Officer at JD Logistics (including Europe). “Our cutting-edge solutions are markedly reducing international fulfillment times, which is essential for elevating consumer satisfaction. We are committed to continuously advancing our automation and intelligence technologies, aiming to set an even higher standard of excellence in the international logistics arena.”

On the merchant front, JD Logistics developed the international order fulfillment platform (iFOP). This platform enables vendors to connect with major e-commerce marketplaces and independent sites with one click, facilitating the fulfillment of orders from various channels through an integrated inventory system.

Addressing the challenges in after-sales and reverse supply chain logistics, JD Logistics has established multiple reverse maintenance centers in Europe and North America, providing services such as acceptance inspection, refurbishment, and environmentally friendly disposal.

In China, JD Logistics operates over 1,600 warehouses and continues to expand its footprint. Its international operations include nearly 90 bonded warehouses, international direct mail warehouses, and overseas warehouses globally, covering a total gross floor area of approximately 900,000 square meters. This extensive network underscores JD Logistics’ commitment to enhancing global supply chain solutions through innovative and efficient logistics services.


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