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If you adore the look of a brick fireplace but would like to give it an updated look, whitewashing can be an inexpensive and straightforward solution.

Whitewashing bricks and stones not only gives them a softer aesthetic, but it also brightens and expands the atmosphere in your living room.

Before beginning the project, it is essential to thoroughly clean your bricks with an effective cleaning solution. Usually, grease-cutting dishwashing soap and water works well for this purpose.

Clean The Bricks

Whitewashing brick is a cost-effective and fast way to give your fireplace an updated appearance. It also adds visual interest and visual interest to any interior design style.

Before you begin painting, it is essential to thoroughly clean the bricks. Doing so will make it easier for the paint to adhere to and protect your home from any potential damage from excess paint.

Use a wire brush and soapy water to gently scrub away dirt, dust, or efflorescence from your bricks. If they appear particularly dirty, try cleaning with trisodium phosphate (TSP) or another similar substance for deeper penetration.

Once your bricks have been cleaned, you can begin mixing up your paint mixture. Start with a small amount of paint and gradually increase it until you achieve even coverage.

Mix The Paint

Whitewashing bricks is an easy DIY project you can do at home for a stunning, aged effect on any fireplace. However, be aware that it may take some practice to apply the paint evenly so test it first on a smaller area before applying it onto your fireplace.

When applying interior latex paint to this project, any brand will do. But for optimal results, make sure it’s low-VOC and non-toxic.

Once you select a paint color that works for your bricks, combine it with water to create a whitewash solution. Use an equal ratio of water to paint.

Apply the paint to your bricks using a chip brush, beginning from the least visible area on the wall or fireplace and working your way toward the front. Be sure to dampen the bricks with water on your paintbrush so they absorb stain evenly; this will give the surface an interesting texture which will complement whitewashed bricks beautifully.

Apply The Paint

If your fireplace bricks are looking a bit worn, whitewashing it is an effective way to brighten them and breathe life back into the room. Plus, this cost-effective DIY project allows you to give your home a brand-new look without hiring professional painters!

Before you begin the project, it is essential that your bricks are clean and dry. Use a small wire brush or scrub brush to loosen any loose dirt or soot from them.

Once you’ve mixed together water and paint, test it on a less visible spot to see how the color looks before applying it evenly over all of the bricks. Doing this will guarantee that you are happy with the final outcome.

For successful whitewashing projects, use high-grade and non-toxic paint. Interior latex paint that does not contain harsh chemicals or toxins is the ideal paints to use for this task.

Let It Dry

When painting brick fireplaces or any type of wall, it’s always wise to let the paint dry completely before proceeding. Doing this ensures that everything adheres correctly and won’t flake off.

Before painting your fireplace, thoroughly clean the surface with a vacuum to eliminate dust, dirt, mildew or other unwelcoming grit. This includes taking away dust particles, dirt, microbeads and other particles that could interfere with paint application.

Brush or spray hose the exterior of your brick to remove dust and other particles that could harm the whitewashed look.

For interior brick, you can try using a mixture of soap and water or vinegar and water to remove grime. Alternatively, try mixing one part bleach to three parts water to get rid of mildew.

If you find any white deposits on your brick, muriatic acid can help remove them. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for preparation and apply it evenly over your brick surface. Let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing with water.

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