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Bricks offer a timeless charm to homes. But if you’re tired of their dull, dark appearance, whitewashing your brick can give it an updated, vibrant appearance.

Rejuvenate your brick walls with ease and cost efficiency! Before you begin, however, ensure the bricks are clean and free from dirt or paint.


Whitewashing brick is an effective way to add a subtle radiance to any interior or exterior brick wall, while also protecting them from fading and scratching with minimal upkeep.

Create a whitewash by mixing equal parts water and paint. This ratio may differ depending on how light or opaque you want your wall to appear.

Start by testing the paint-to-water ratio on an inconspicuous area of your brick. This will enable you to see how transparent or opaque your mixture is and determine if more paint is necessary.

When creating whitewash for your brick wall, there are a few paints you can choose from. The most suitable choice is white water-based latex paint with gray undertones that match the mortar.


Brick is a popular material for home exteriors due to its ease of upkeep, longevity and classic appearance that never goes out of style. Unfortunately, over time it may become dull and discolored.

Whitewashing is an easy method that gives brick walls or fireplaces a fresh, modern appearance without damaging their integrity. This preserves the charm of red or brown brick while giving it a contemporary flair that fits in perfectly with any home design style.

To whitewash brick, mix cool, clean water with white paint at either 3:1 or 4:1. A higher ratio will produce a lighter shade while a lower one creates darker tones.


Whitewashing brick is an easy and fast way to give your home’s exterior a fresh new look, while also protecting it from external elements.

You can achieve the desired effect with either a paint specifically made for brick, or water-based whitewash – an abrasive alternative – by painting your wall or fireplace.

Before beginning, be sure to thoroughly clean the brick with warm, soapy water to eliminate any dirt or grime. It is especially essential for whitewashing a fireplace as this will help remove soot and other stains.

Once the brick has been cleaned, create a solution of cool water and white paint in a ratio that matches how solid you desire the whitewash to appear. Finally, apply it with a brush.

Once the whitewash has dried, apply water-based paint to maintain its fresh appearance for years to come. Additionally, this step helps prevent moisture from seeping through walls and damaging your brickwork.


Whitewash brick is an excellent way to add a decorative touch and protect your home from damage, but it requires frequent reapplication. Sealing your whitewashed brick protects it from harsh elements like water and soot, keeping the brick looking its best.

Sealing a brick is an intricate process, so be sure to select the appropriate product for your needs. The two most popular methods are painting and using water sealer as sealant.

When selecting a water sealer for your fireplace, take into account how often you plan on using it and the climate in your area. For instance, if salt levels in the air are high, having an effective seal is critical since salt can easily stain surfaces.

Whitewashing can also be used to add some flair to a fireplace, though it’s not always an effortless process. It requires effort to remove stains and the finished product may fade over time.

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