5 Toja Grid Alternatives You Should Consider

Toja Grid is becoming increasingly popular as it is recognized as a time and money-saving method of constructing outdoor constructions. It is a do-it-yourself kit that contains brackets, bolts, and connectors that make it possible for the user to construct structures such as carports, gazebos, and pergolas in a short amount of time.

There are various options available besides Toja Grid, each of which provides a different set of features and advantages, despite the fact that Toja Grid is a dependable choice. In this post, we will look at the best 5 alternatives to Toja Grid and compare them to Toja Grid.

Simplified Building

Simplified Building provides its customers with a variety of do-it-yourself building options, such as connector kits for the construction of outdoor construction. These items may be personalized and purchased at a lower cost than those offered by Toja Grid. Connectors from Simplified Building are constructed out of galvanized steel and are simple to put in place. The package includes all of the essential hardware, such as screws and nuts, in its contents.

Connectors for the Simplified Building system have a more straightforward structure than those for the Toja Grid, but they are just as durable. Connectors are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to cater to the requirements of a wide range of building projects. Connectors from Simplified Building are suitable for use with pipes made of metal, PVC, or wood, and are compatible with the majority of pipe diameters.

Simplified Building vs Toja Grid

Even though the Simplified Building connections are more affordable, there is a possibility that they are not as durable as the Toja Grid connectors. The maximum weight that can be supported by the connections is 3,000 pounds, which is less than the capacity of the Toja Grid. In addition, the Simplified Building connections have a more commercial appearance, which means that they might not be appropriate for all construction endeavors.


Pylex is a Canadian firm that focuses on providing Do It Yourself (DIY) building solutions in addition to the hardware. In terms of functionality, their adjustable foundation posts are comparable to those of Toja Grid; nevertheless, they are more robust and are able to sustain larger constructions. Steel is used in the construction of Pylex posts, and then they are coated in a rust-resistant finish. The posts can be purchased in a variety of sizes, and they also have an adjustable height, which makes them simple to set up. The posts may be used in conjunction with a variety of construction materials, including wood, concrete, and stone.

Pylex vs Toja Grid

Pylex posts have a longer lifespan than Toja Grid posts and can support a greater load than Toja Grid posts. They have a capacity that is twice as high as that of Toja Grid since they can sustain up to 6,000 pounds. In addition, Pylex posts offer a contemporary look that complements a wide variety of architectural types. Pylex posts are more expensive than Toja Grid posts, therefore they might not be the best option for builders who are concerned about their budgets.


OZCO provides a variety of building items, such as connectors and posts bases for outdoor projects. These products may be purchased on their website. Because their items are more intricate and ornamental than those of Toja Grid, you should consider using them for more sophisticated or upscale endeavors. Steel is used in the construction of OZCO connectors, and they receive a powder-coated finish that provides them with a surface that is both sturdy and long-lasting. Connectors are available in a variety of dimensions and configurations, such as post-to-beam connectors, truss-tie brackets, and rafter clips, among others.

OZCO vs Toja Grid

OZCO connectors are more aesthetically pleasing than Toja Grid connectors and may lend an original quality to any construction endeavor. Furthermore sturdy, the connections are able to bear considerable weight without breaking. Nevertheless, OZCO connectors are more expensive than Toja Grid connectors, and the procedure of installing them may need a higher level of skill and knowledge.


RDI provides a variety of railing and outdoor building items, such as connection kits for constructing outside buildings. These products may be purchased online. These kits are more user-friendly and come at a lower price point than those offered by Toja Grid. Aluminum is used in the construction of RDI connections, and they come with a limited guarantee that lasts a lifetime. The connections are offered in a variety of dimensions and designs, including corner brackets and post-to-beam brackets, respectively.

RDI vs Toja Grid

RDI connectors are available at a lower cost than Toja Grid connectors, and the method of installing them is uncomplicated and simple to understand. Also, the connectors weigh very little, which contributes to their manageability and portability. Nevertheless, RDI connectors could not be as robust as Toja Grid’s, and therefore might not be appropriate for building structures that are designed to withstand large loads. Also, the connectors have a simpler form, and it is possible that they do not give as much variety as Toja Grid.

Peak Products

The outdoor building solutions provided by Peak Products include connector kits that may be used for the construction of pergolas and other types of structures. These items are more reasonably priced than those offered by Toja Grid, and they give customers a wide variety of opportunities to personalize their purchases. Connectors sold by Peak Products are built from steel and coated with a finish that is both long-lasting and resistant to damage from environmental factors. The brackets may be purchased in a variety of sizes and designs, such as post-to-beam brackets and rafter brackets, for use in the connectors.

Peak Products vs Toja Grid

The connectors offered by PeakProducts may be customized in a variety of ways and come at a lower cost than those offered by Toja Grid. In addition to being simple to set up, the connectors come complete with any and all hardware that may be required. On the other hand, the connectors sold by Peak Products could not be as sturdy as those sold by Toja Grid and might not be appropriate for use in heavy-duty constructions. Also, the connectors of Peak Products do not offer many variations.

Toja Grid Alternatives FAQs

Are Toja Grid alternatives compatible with wood and metal?

The majority of products that compete with Toja Grid are, in fact, suitable for use with many kinds of wood, metal, and other materials.

Are Toja Grid alternatives easy to install?

The majority of alternatives to Toja Grid do, in fact, come with all of the necessary hardware and are simple to set up. Yet, it’s possible that some of the options will need more skill and experience than others.

Are Toja Grid alternatives more affordable than Toja Grid?

The vast majority of alternatives to Toja Grid are, in fact, more cost-effective than Toja Grid. Yet, the price may change based on the dimensions and intricacy of the construction to be built.

Are Toja Grid alternatives as sturdy as Toja Grid?

It is dependent on the other possibility. Some of the alternatives are of a higher quality and can support more loads than others, but they all vary in terms of their overall strength.

Final Words

Although the Toja Grid system is a dependable and cost-effective method for constructing outdoor structures, there are a number of other options available that offer a variety of features and advantages. Toja Grid is more expensive than competing products such as Simple Building, Pylex, OZCO, RDI, and Peak Products, all of which are viable alternatives that provide a wider variety of personalization choices.

Yet, in the end, the decision will come down to the unique requirements and preferences of the builder. It is vital to take into consideration aspects such as cost, durability, and convenience of installation while searching for an alternative to the Toja Grid.

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