How To Choose The Perfect Design Style For Your Space, According To Our Interior Design Expert

While building a personal narrative within your home can help make your design process easier, it’s also important to consider functionality when incorporating pieces. During an exclusive House Digest interview, Brad Smith of Omni Home Ideas emphasized that finding balance is a must. “It’s crucial to find a harmony between style and practicality,” he explains. “For instance, a beautiful piece that doesn’t serve a functional purpose might not be the best choice for a small apartment.” If you are working with less square footage, or even if your home is large but you prefer a minimalist approach, avoiding items that take up space and don’t offer any benefits is a great way to steer clear of clutter in your home.

An oversized sculpture or a large piece of furniture could reflect your personal d├ęcor style, but if it gets in the way of day to day activities, limits how many people can be in one area, or keeps you from adding other beloved items, it might not be the best fit for your interior design scheme. “Balancing function and aesthetics ensures the space is not only visually appealing but also livable and comfortable,” Smith notes when discussing walking the line between these two important factors. A good example would be a love of books. Built in bookshelves will allow you to display your treasured collection without taking up too much floor space. Smith also suggests considering your home’s layout. “Don’t Ignore the space’s natural character. Each space has its own personality, influenced by factors like natural light and architecture.”

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