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The BAD Studio weaves this weekend home in Surat into its rural landscape, and what manifests is a space befitting a true Taurean. A celebration of tactile surfaces, natural materials and warm hues come to the fore here. The serene environment created is in line with your love for all things timeless, elegant and refined. Invest in few, high-quality, long-lasting items rather than filling your space with cheap knick-knacks – after all, you are all about the class.

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Gemini: Crafting Conversation

Vibrant and curious, you are known for your exceptional communication skills. You are the entertainers of the Zodiac, and you thrive in zones that stimulate your creativity while seamlessly carving out nooks for socialising. A multi-functional space to suit your ever-changing interests will also serve you well.

Ishita Sitwala

Aditi Sharma Design Studio transforms this Gurugram rental into an art gallery-esque home and we cannot think of a more apt space for a Gemini! Replete with an airy aesthetic that suits your lively tone and a panel built for showcasing conversation-starters, this home is meant to entertain. Also pay heed to how you set up the public zones of your home – conversational furniture arrangements and interactive nooks encourage lively discussions.

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Cancer: Comforting Sanctuaries

The most nurturing sign in the Zodiac, your preferred space comes as no surprise – for you, its comfort, comfort and comfort! Warm and inviting, you want to create loving, layered homes that are suffused with a sense of security and sentimentality, a place you can truly call your own.

Areas that foster familial warmth and togetherness such as hearty living spaces win over the hearts of Cancerians.

Hashim Badani

For Cancerians, integrating natural elements and layering cherished items crafts their favourite – a comforting, cozy vibe.

Hashim Badani

Set in the lush hills of Conoor, this colonial bungalow is lovingly restored by Pavitra Rajaram and Paul Abraham and dives deep into the design sensibilities of a Cancer. Extremely family-oriented, you enjoy unwinding in spaces that evoke fond memories and allow loved ones to gather and bond. You should aim for integrating natural elements, soothing colour palettes and adding gentle, diffused lighting for a soft vibe.

Leo: Loud Maximalism

Leo, you embody a regal and charismatic nature that lends itself perfectly to magnetic personalities, gregarious designs and bold spaces that exude grandeur. You want a stage to perform, a platform for your creative flair and an inviting space to demonstrate your generosity.

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