Pinterest Predicts Bold New Home Design Styles in 2024

Our favourite creative planning platform Pinterest has just unveiled its yearly prediction report on all things home, fashion and more. Last year, we were treated to an array of design styles ranging from at-home apothecaries to colourful mush-room core. In 2024, Pinterest predicts bold new design styles that every generation will love. If you’re a fan of retro colours, perhaps a kitschy kitchen is more your speed — or maybe even a Beyoncé-approved hot metal living room is just what you need. Read on to learn more about Pinterest’s latest predictions for 2024.

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A picture of an oversized coffee machine in a pink and green kitchen

Kitchen Craze

Unlike last year, kitchen designs are now in the spotlight for the over 480 million users on Pinterest. Searches for styles like eccentric kitchens and cafecore have gone up more than 160 per cent! Are we even surprised? With the Barbiecore trend this past summer — nostalgic patterns, colours and decor have seen a rise in searches and product availability. Not to mention, café culture having its moment on TikTok and Instagram — with new viral videos of cafes popping up every week. If you’re looking to integrate one of these design styles into your kitchen, considering looking up these search terms:

Kitschy Kitchens: 

  • “Eclectic kitchen decor” +50 per cent
  • “Kitschy kitchen” +75 per cent
  • “Green kitchen paint” +55 per cent
  • “Eccentric kitchen” +160 per cent
  • “Retro pink kitchens” +40 per cent


  • “Coffee bar styling” +1,125 per cent
  • “Chalk sign ideas” +100 per cent
  • “Café chalkboard” +50 per cent
  • “Coffee station decor” +145 per cent
  • “Kafe aesthetic” +820 per cent

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A picture of various hot metals that are currently in style according to Pinterest

Bedroom Bling

Since 2022, interior design trend fans have been stuck in a limbo of bright aesthetics from bold pink to neon orange. In the new year, Pinterest users are swapping their fluffy pastels and opting for a smidge more metal and grunge. Searches for hot metals have been booming as fans want to relive the magic of Beyoncé’s renaissance tour. For millennials and Gen-X, darker wood tones and black leathers are reigning supreme in a new aesthetic style they like to call: Western gothic. If you’re looking to make your space futuristic and edgy, consider reviewing these popular search terms:

Hot Metals:

  • “Aluminum furniture” +45 per cent
  • “Aluminum door design” +70 per cent

Western Gothic: 

  • “Western bedding ideas” +310 per cent
  • “Vintage Americana” +145 per cent
  • “Country room ideas” +125 per cent
  • “Western mirror” +125 per cent
  • “Western gothic” +145 per cent

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