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Hinges are an integral component of kitchen cabinet hardware. They hold doors securely shut and prevent loud banging noises when the cabinet is opened.

When selecting hinges for your cabinets, there are numerous types to choose from. It’s essential to understand how each type works and which ones will best fit your needs.

Face Frame Hinges

Face frame hinges are a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry. These hinges have both a frame wing and a door wing that attaches to the back of the cabinet.

These hinges consist of a mounting plate that attaches to the side wall of a cabinet box, and a cup that fits inside a 35mm hole bored into the back of the door.

These European-style hinges are an excellent choice for cabinets with both small and large overlays. They provide adjustment in two or sometimes three directions.

Self-Mortise Hinges

Self-mortise hinges eliminate the need to cut a mortise into your door and cabinet frame, making them ideal for inset cabinet doors that add an eye-catching touch. They add durability, style, and convenience all at once!

These hinges feature two identical leaf plates recessed into a hole or groove cut into the face of a door or cabinet frame. They come in steel, bronze, or brass and can be finished to suit various standard and custom architectural finishes.

However, as these leaves must sit flush together, they cannot be as thin as some woodworkers prefer. This may create a gap between the door and hinge that may prove difficult to close securely.

Demountable Hinges

Demountable hinges are an easy way to update the look of your kitchen cabinets without drilling holes in them. Simply attach screws directly onto the face frame and slip them into a slot on the edge of the door for installation.

Like surface mount hinges, these come in an assortment of styles and finishes. Plus, they’re adjustable so you can get just the right open and close for your cabinets.

Installing and taking apart these hinges is a breeze, plus they’re durable. Their only drawback may be that they tend to be more costly than other types of hinges.

Concealed Hinges

Concealed hinges are a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, as they conceal the hardware and blend in seamlessly with the cabinet’s style.

Concealed hinges are an ideal choice for those who like their cabinets kept clean and organized. Unlike conventional hinges, concealed ones are hidden on the exterior and can be removed quickly for cleaning or refinishing purposes.

Concealed hinges come in various styles and can be quickly installed by taking accurate measurements, drilling holes, and attaching the hinge cup and mounting plate. To make things even simpler, there’s a pre-made template system for boreholes that makes installation much smoother.

Flush Hinges

Flush hinges are cabinet hardware pieces designed to hang a door flush against the cabinet frame. These hinges come in various styles and finishes.

However, they can be challenging to install due to the necessity of cutting a pocket into both the door and frame.

When selecting hinges for a door, concealed or soft-close are two options to consider. Both types prevent doors from closing too quickly by gradually slowing their movement.

European-Style Hinges

European-style hinges offer a sleek design that provides reliable support to cabinet doors without sacrificing stability. Furthermore, they’re more cost-effective than other types of hinges due to the use of fewer metal parts.

These doors can be adjusted in three directions and come equipped with a soft-close system to reduce noise and vibration when closing.

They’re ideal for frameless cabinets, as they become completely concealed when the door is shut. Furthermore, these hinges come in various sizes and can be quickly installed using appropriate installation jigs.

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