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Adding floating shelves is an economical and practical way to give your room a refreshing look. These DIY shelves can be constructed in many shapes and sizes to fit any space perfectly.

To build a shelf, you’ll need wood, brackets, and paint or finishing wax. This easy project is perfect for your bathroom, laundry room, or bedroom!


Floating shelves are an affordable and modern way to add storage and visual interest to any area. Not only do they look sleek and modern, but they take up minimal room as well – making them suitable for a range of decor styles.

They’re also budget-friendly, as you only need some hand tools to assemble them yourself. This DIY project is ideal if you want a cost-effective yet easy way to add shelves to your home.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to assemble floating shelves that appear free-standing from the wall, giving them a seamless look as though they are suspended in midair.

You’ll need a piece of wood for the shelf top (approximately 1×2 inches thick), two long pieces for the internal framework, and two cleat pieces that attach to your wall. You can purchase these shelves from home centers or lumber yards; alternatively, you might find them at garage sales for very cheap prices.


Floating shelves are an incredibly efficient way to display and store decorative items and home decor. Not only do they look tidy and organized, but they take up minimal floor space as well – adding a touch of classiness to any room.

They’re ideal if you have an abundance of items to store and require a more creative solution for an organization. You can use them in every room of the house, from bathrooms to garages.

You can find floating shelves in a range of materials, from wood to metal. Select a style that complements the existing decor in your space for an updated look.

Optimal floating shelf design incorporates form, shape, visual lines, and color palettes for a unified aesthetic that feels considered. You can edit decor by theme or color family; for something more daring, try styling your shelves with decorative objects of various scales, textures, and transparencies.


Floating shelves are an ideal way to maximize storage in small areas, but they may seem intimidating for beginners if you have never used power tools before. Fortunately, making floating shelves DIY-friendly is easier than it appears at first glance.

First, locate the studs in the wall where you plan to hang your shelf. This can usually be done using a stud finder; however, if unsure which type of wall yours is made from, lightly tap around with your fist around the area you plan to work with.

Next, drill pilot holes into the wood backboard piece where you marked stud locations. These will serve as a guide for attaching hardware into the wall studs later.


Installing floating shelves is an incredibly straightforward project and a great way to maximize storage in any room. Plus, they look great when showcasing your favorite items or artwork!

Floating shelves are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional shelves due to their flexibility; they can be mounted almost anywhere and are especially helpful in rooms with limited floor space, like bathrooms.

Before you begin, gather all the necessary supplies for a successful floating shelf DIY project! Start by locating any wall studs with a stud finder.

Once you’ve located a location with studs, it’s time to begin installing shelves!

You can build shelves without studs to save some money, but they are best mounted on wall studs for maximum stability and load capacity. If you choose not to mount them with studs, wall anchors or molly plugs will hold the shelf securely in place.

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