Tips For Planning Your Roof Installation Project

Fast Facts About The Types Of Roof Shingles Available

Cedar Shake Shingles

Cedar shake roof installation offers a unique and rustic look.  However, annual maintenance must be performed to prevent the growth of algae and moss on the roof.  In addition, because cedar shakes are comprised of organic roofing material, the roof installation may not last as long as metal or asphalt shingles.  In terms of cost, a roof replacement estimate for cedar shakes often costs more than other materials.  A cedar roof installation is also very labor intensive, which also adds to the final cost.  The last point to consider about cedar shake roofing is that insurance companies often charge a premium for this material because it is not fire resistant.

GAF Roof Shingles

GAF shingles are accompanied by with a 50-year, non-prorated warranty that covers labor and materials.  GAF shingles come in an array of colors and styles.  In addition, a GAF roofing system can even be designed to imitate the look of cedar shakes.  This can be accomplished with GAF Glenwood® shingles.  Thicker than most other roof replacements, GAF Glenwood® shingles also have the highest possible roof installation impact resistance rating.

glenwood shingle stillwater

Details About Home Insulation Services & Roof Replacement

Home insulation has a deep impact on the lifespan of a roof.  This is why it’s important to consider home insulation services during the roof installation process.  To understand which energy efficient home improvements are needed, home insulation services typically want to inspect a home’s attic and basement to get an understanding of their current states.  While the basement and attic are in completely different areas of the home, making modifications to one spot can have an impact on the home’s building envelope.  Home air sealing services should also be considered because of their ability to create a more energy efficient space.

How Insurance Policies Impact Roof Replacement ‘

Homeowners needing hail damage roof repair, often need to file a storm damage insurance claim.  To have the best possible outcome with storm damage restoration, it’s best to work with a local insurance agent that is able to suggest appropriate coverage for your home.  They should also go over your policy with you to make sure that you understand how it addresses roofing insurance claims for storm damage.

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