Best Outdoor Security Cameras of 2023

Features to Look For

As you compare outdoor security cameras, keep these important factors in mind:

  • Power Source: Outdoor security cameras varied in terms of power sources. The main choices were plug-in power, battery power, and solar power. Each of our top choice brands had models we could set up wire-free. Cordless outdoor cameras were generally powered by long-lasting rechargeable batteries. One company we mentioned, Arlo, offered solar-powered cameras. If a camera used mains power, it also likely had a cord. The best outdoor cams with cords had protected cords to help defeat vandals plus they had battery backup.
  • Continuous Video Recording: Some outdoor security cameras only recorded audio and video when triggered by trespassers. Others could record continuously. Continuous video recording was sometimes advertised as CVR.
  • Resolution: Resolution on leading cameras ranged from 720p to 4K. The most common was 1080p, which meant video that was 1080 pixels tall and 1920 pixels wide.
  • Recording Cost: Each brand below had smartphone or desktop apps. Apps let us view live camera footage for free. However, generally, a paid plan was needed in order to save video clips or record continuously. One exception was Blink XT, a budget security camera brand. Blink gave us very minimal cloud storage for free. Many paid plans for home security combined video storage with professional monitoring of our system. Professional monitoring alerted emergency dispatchers of potential trouble. This way, they could send the police even when we couldn’t call 911. Most alarm monitoring companies could also dispatch firefighters and paramedics.
  • Two-Way Voice: Our selections for best outdoor security cameras captured exceptionally clear audio. Ideally, they’d have all had echo cancellation and other advanced audio features. Some also had two-way voice, which let us holler at potential criminals or stay in touch with family members around our property.
  • Doorbell Video Camera: A wide-angle doorbell camera guarded our doorstep and provided us with a long-range view. A smart-motion detector ignored running squirrels and swaying trees and alerted us of a person’s presence, even if they didn’t ring the bell. A smartphone app let us use two-way talk and gave the impression that we were at home, no matter where we were. Additionally, some doorbell security cameras, such as the Nest video doorbell, recognized familiar faces and played pre-recorded messages for expected visitors.

There were always many factors to consider when choosing any type of security camera, but with outdoor security cameras, the factors only increased. To create our Best Outdoor Camera list for 2023, we started with our necessary features test. All of these cameras were weather-resistant and worked throughout the seasons for a variety of climates. Whether we were looking for wired or wireless, we were sure we didn’t want a camera that would hurt our wallets too much. Read on to learn more about our selections for 2023’s Best Outdoor Camera list, their costs, why we chose them, and more.

2023 came with a lot of new outdoor security cameras, including the Wyze Cam Outdoor and the Arlo Pro 3. We’re showing you exactly how well they work in our Youtube video above.

Pricing Rundown

Outdoor Camera Price
Nest Cam with Floodlight $279.99
eufyCam E $229.99
Arlo Pro 3 $199.99
Nest Cam Battery $179.99
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery $199
Canary Flex $169
Blink Outdoor $99.99

Clearly, there was a huge variation when it came to the pricing of outdoor security cameras, with the most expensive device listed at well over $200 and the most affordable coming in at just under $50. Of course, generally speaking, we got what we paid for, so we recommended buying a higher quality camera for a bit more money rather than a cheaper camera that had fewer necessary features. Regardless, we knew to be prepared to spend roughly $200 purchasing an outdoor security camera and additional funds on monthly or yearly storage plans.

Outdoor Security Camera Methodology

So just how did we pick out the outdoor security cameras on our list? In this section, we discuss the methodology that led to our selections in detail.


Aside from simple aesthetics, we considered whether we wanted our camera to be wired or wireless. While having a camera wired to our home definitely made installation harder, we liked the idea that we wouldn’t have to worry about changing a battery. However, we also wondered how far many of the outdoor cameras would reach from outdoor outlets. Additionally, some cameras required hubs, bridges, or DVRs, so we also took those costs into account before we made our purchases.

The main thing we looked for design-wise was durability. That came in the form of a temperature range and an IP rating, which measured how susceptible an object was to both solids and liquids.

IP Ratings Solids Liquids
0 Not Protected None
1 A large body surface like the back of a hand, but no intentional contact with a body part Dripping water falling vertically
2 Fingers of similar objects Dripping water falling from 15-degree tilt
3 Tools, thick wires, etc. Spraying water
4 Most wires, screws, etc Splashing water
5 Dust protected Water jets 6.3mm and below
6 Dust tight Powerful water jets 12.5mm and below
7 N/A Immersion up to 1m
8 N/A Immersion over 1m

Make sure wherever you live and its weather conditions are compatible with your outdoor security camera before purchasing— you’ll thank me later.


Of course, like with any security camera, we applied our necessary features test to all of our outdoor cameras. Dive in with us as we review our thought process behind each type of feature we sought during the selection of 2023’s best outdoor security cameras.


Arlo Pro 2 Video Display
Arlo Pro 2 Video Display

Display-wise, we looked for a camera that had at least 1080p HD video display, the current industry standard. We also preferred cameras that zoomed-in optically and that had fields of view that were 120 degrees or greater. That gave us the widest, clearest, and most detailed view possible.


Blink XT2 Speaker
Blink XT2 Speaker for Two-Way Audio

We looked for cameras that had both speakers and microphones built-in, as that enabled two-way audio and let us speak to whoever the camera was focused on. This proved quite useful not only for telling our kids to come in for dinner but also for scaring away luckers or potential intruders remotely. This was a security camera, after all!

Night Vision

Canary Flex Night Vision
Canary Flex Night Vision

We specifically selected cameras that included infrared night vision rather than color night vision via a bright white light. Infrared was much more inconspicuous, which was definitely a quality we looked for in a smart security camera. Additionally, we always tested out the camera’s night vision before making a purchase.


Local Storage vs. Cloud Storage
Local Storage vs. Cloud Storage

We were also big on ensuring that our cameras came with enough storage to make owning an outdoor security camera worthwhile. We preferred cameras that offered both cloud and local storage, whether that was through a Dropbox, micro-SD card, hard drive, or what have you.

Smart Platform Integrations

Blink XT2 and Amazon Echo
Blink XT2 and Amazon Echo

Since smart security was pretty much the standard, we searched for cameras that fit perfectly into our smart home, whether it was through Amazon, Google, or Apple.

Artificial Intelligence

Person Detection
Person Detection

Another thing we preferred in outdoor security cameras was person detection, which helped us differentiate between people and other moving objects like animals, cars, etc. A. It made our notifications smarter and more specific, so it was easier to monitor our home with minimal effort.

We considered it extra points if the camera had facial recognition, which, after a period of time, learned specific familiar faces and identified unfamiliar ones.


The convenience of easy installation was a big deal for us, as most of the cameras we selected were DIY. While we knew we could always hire a professional if we weren’t confident, the majority of these cameras were designed to be installed by non-professionals in less than 20 minutes.


As we witnessed in the pricing rundown, the tags on these cameras varied. Nevertheless, when we decided to buy something, we always double-checked to ensure the price coordinates logically matched with the number of necessary features met.

Mobile Application

The Ring— Always Home App
The Ring— Always Home App

Apps were our mobile command center for our outdoor security cameras. With each camera’s respective app, we live-streamed footage, viewed storage, received notifications, had conversations with visitors via two-way audio, and more. One mobile app element we searched for was a good rating on either the Apple or Google Play store, depending on the type of mobile device we owned. To meet our app standards, apps needed ratings of at least three-stars or higher. Of course, a lack of high ratings did not necessarily mean a deal-breaker since apps could always be updated.

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