Public Pools in Hudson County to Enjoy This Summer

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If you ask Hoboken residents what they’d like to see come to town, almost everyone has the same answer – a pool. While there are actually several pools throughout Hoboken, most are located in private apartment buildings that are not open to the publicFor us pool-less folks, the struggle can sometimes be real in the summer months, but with some research, we might just have a solution. Read on for a list of pools that are open to the public for Hudson County residents.

Please note: these spots open at various times throughout the season, so before arriving with sunscreen + towel in hand, be sure to confirm with the pool of your choice that they are operating that day. 

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Jersey City

While there are many pools in Jersey City, all of them are open to residents only – great news for our JC readers!

Vepo Clean

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Lafayette Pool | 303 Van Horne Street

The Lafayette Pool has two pools — the main pool goes from 3.5 feet to 9 feet, and the kiddie pool goes from 0 feet to 3.5 feet. Check the pool’s summer hours here.

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Pavonia/Marion Municipal Pool | 914 Pavonia Avenue

The Pavonia/Marion Municipal Pool has two pools, the main one that is from 3.5 feet to 5.4 feet, and a kiddie pool that goes from 0 feet to 3 feet. Check the pool’s summer hours here.

Pershing Field Pool | 201 Central Avenue

The Pershing Field Pool is indoors and is open all year round — score. This is a great option for a cloudy or rainy day in the summer when most outdoor pools would be closed.

Other Pools in the Area

North Bergen Pool |  2111 91 Street Street

The North Bergen Pool is open to residents of North Bergen and Guttenberg. It has registration for the summer season and a per diem option which can be paid for each trip to the pool. It has a large swimming pool, a lane pool, a kiddie pool, and a sprinkler play area for kids. The opening day of the pool was June 4th, and the pool will be open every day from 11AM. to 7PM.

Union City Pools

To use any of Union City’s pools, you must have a valid Hudson County ID. There are pools located at 507 West Street, 219 47th Street, 906 Palisade Avenue, and 3881 Park Avenue. See the 2023 outdoor pool schedule here.

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Secaucus Swim Center

The only way to get into the Secaucus pool is if you know a resident. While rules have changed several times over the years and Hoboken residents were once allowed in, that is no longer the case. So, just like our Jersey City friends, keep in touch with those Secaucus friends!

Weehawken Pool | Hudson River Waterfront

The Weehawken Pool is a spectacular waterfront pool overlooking the NYC skyline. It officially opened on Memorial Day Weekend of 2022.  There’s a main swimming pool, a lap pool, splash pads, a water slide, and more. As of 2023, it’s open to all New Jersey residents. See the 2023 schedule here.


XCEL Athletic Lifestyle | 125 Marshall Street 7th Floor

xcel aquatics hoboken nj

Although not technically a public pool, this Hoboken fitness center does have a pool for members to enjoy, and a pool-only membership option, too. If you’re on the fence about pursuing a membership, there’s a free guest pass for locals to claim — and the summer swim hours can be found here.

Water Activities on the Hudson River

While the Hudson River isn’t a pool, there are plenty of activities on the water that can keep you cool on a hot day. From jet skiing to kayaking, to paddle boarding, this is the perfect option for those who are a bit on the adventurous side and wouldn’t want to lay at a pool all day.

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