Here’s How To Know If You’re Compatible Based On Your Interior Design Style

Here’s How To Know If You’re Compatible Based On Your Interior Design Style

Love at first Tinder swipe or first glance at their couch? Nowadays, dating can be even more difficult due to many factors such as COVID-19, fewer IRL interactions, social media, and not mention dating apps. However, there’s another obstacle many singles don’t think about when seeking aligned romantic partners, their interior design style, or lack thereof. 

While we don’t expect you to visit your potential boo’s apartment right away to do a full scan of their place to observe their design style, we encourage you to start those conversations sooner than later, as it can be a deal breaker later. 

What if you two get serious, and decide to move in together but disagree on whether you’d like to go for a mid-century modern style or opt for more rustic farmhouse decor? You’ll both be frustrated and at an impasse, which doesn’t bode well for any new relationship. 

Despite your interior past, present, and future, there are some context clues to observe your future beau’s true colors, personality, and taste before and after entering their home for the first time. See our tips below. 

Pre-observation tips: 

Check out their clothing: Believe it or not, fashion and interior design do have a symbiotic relationship. You can tell a lot about a person by how they dress and put themselves together. Celebrity interior designer Nikki Chu once said, exclusively to ESSENCE, that she has her clients look into their closets before analyzing their interior design style. 

Ask to see if they are into interior design: Just because you may be an interior design enthusiast doesn’t mean your partner is, or better yet, knows where to start regarding designing their home. It’s best to ask them before assuming that their passionate about designing their home, as it may be an opportunity for you both to get closer.

Do they like to visit museums or view art? Attending art shows, galleries, and museums, helps spark the imagination and creativity needed for beautifully designing any space, especially your home. Check to see if your boo likes frequenting museums; if not, maybe you could begin together. 

Tips for observing their interior design style within their home or apartment [red-flag] alert! 

No art on the walls: First, let’s consider their financial situation, perhaps they don’t have enough money to buy a tasteful art piece, but they plan to down the road. They get a pass; however, if you’re boo is financially stable, with no art throughout their home, that can be a red flag. Unframed artwork counts as well. 

Clutter, literally, everywhere: As the old saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness,” so how do you expect to get romantic with someone who doesn’t clean up after themselves?

Cheap sheets: This should go without saying, but everyone should be comfortable in their bed, especially when they have guests present; invest in some quality sheets; you can start with these brands, Tekla, Parachute, or Brooklinen. 

Bad lighting: Their home shouldn’t feel like you’re walking into a club after the club or date night due to bad lighting. Instead, their space should feel calming, relaxing, and welcoming. 

Depressing furniture: Too many gray and black colors in the home can be sad, including furnishings in those colors too. As mentioned before, if bae is new at interior design and want to play it safe, encourage them to seek help or lend your expertise. 

No rug: Besides caring for your floors, a rug(s) is essential to ensure your design is cohesive. 

The bathroom is a disaster: If their bathroom isn’t tidy, with the essentials included (like bathroom mat, shower curtain, organizers, and soap), girl, run for the hills and don’t look back. 

Non-existent or bad feng shui: There’s a difference between a missing interior design concept versus furniture and decor placed incorrectly. Your partner should take adequate time to place their design items carefully.

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