Interior Designers Predict These Trends for the New Year

In the world of interior design, a new year brings fresh inspiration and new trends that can be seen across all different kinds of living spaces and lifestyles. As homeowners and designers tap into a new palette of design styles, textures and colors in 2024, design experts have forecasted the trends and themes that will be most prevalent in the new year, transforming spaces with new possibilities. 

A recent article by Redfin compiled the top predictions of interior design professionals for 2024, which point to the common themes of creating cozy, organic living spaces and environments that incorporate both soft, natural elements and modern aesthetics. Here are the interior design trends predicted for the new year.  

Cozy Spaces

“My prediction for 2024 is natural elements mixed with modern design,” Jason Lai from JL Interiors tells Redfin. “Using Biophilic elements, sustainable materials, and living walls/plants will bring the outdoors in. While mixing modern design it should not feel stark, the new terminology will be cozy.” Mixing designs, letting go of the rules and creating spaces that make you feel good will create cozy spaces, Lai says. 

Natural, Earthy Colors 

According to Homestead Interiors, interior design in 2024 will welcome back color and earthy tones after a decade of grays and whites. “…Think natural greens and beige but cleaner than the 2000’s yellow/pink beige palette,” says Homestead Interiors. Designers at Homestead Interiors also suggest that vintage and heirloom pieces picked up from marketplaces and thrift stores are also going to be a big part of making spaces feel cozy and personal in 2024.

Spaces that Feel like Home

“With a focus on mental health and wellness, many of us have realized the benefits of being connected more with nature and creating a sanctuary at home,” Melissa Hoffmann Interiors tells Redfin. In 2024, Melissa Hoffmann Interiors predicts that design trends will include layering earthy tones with natural blues and greens, utilizing soft materials like blankets and leather furniture, adding plants and organic shapes and mixing rounded elements with geometric ones through pieces like coffee tables and artwork. To make your space feel like home, designers at Melissa Hoffmann Interiors also suggest investing in statement pieces that speak to you, whether that’s a chandelier or large ceramic vase. 

Sustainability & Technology

In 2024, an eco-friendly mindset will lead the way in interior design. “Sustainability takes center stage, mirroring trends seen in other consumer choices. This shift prioritizes recycled materials, energy-efficient design, upcycled and locally sourced furnishings to reduce carbon footprints,” Dapper Digs by Lucy tells Redfin. Mediaboom also suggests that sustainability and the influence of nature will be strong in 2024. “The biggest challenge will be finding green materials that look great and last. But this also means exciting times for designers, as we explore new, innovative ways to blend style with sustainability,” Mediaboom tells Redfin. New technology, especially AI, will also influence interior design, says Dapper Digs by Lucy. Homeowners will seek out smart lighting and sound systems, control features and more. 

Colors that Evoke Emotion & Wellness

“2024 is evolving into a year that will bring back a Kaleidoscope of color,” Elle Designs tells Redfin. “Gone are the days of seeing gray color palettes everywhere you turn. Society is craving a bolder palette, infused with colors that will provoke emotion, in a happy environment.” These palettes can be achieved through paint colors, as well through a mixture of textures using patterned fabrics, graphic wall tiles and other wallcoverings, says Elle Designs.

Accessibility, Functionality & Organization

In 2024, home design will focus on creating more accessible, functional and organized spaces, according to Kylie Lockett, Owner and Principal Designer of Oxford Avenue Design. “First, home organization is poised to be a top trend, with innovations like ShelfGenie leading the change,” Lockett tells Redfin. Wellness-oriented design will also become common as people begin to understand the vital role interior design plays in our emotional and physical wellbeing. Plus, dynamic spaces that are both beautiful and functional will be prominent in the new year, says Lockett. 

Dopamine Decor

“I think 2024 is the year of color. Specifically, Dopamine Colors,” Hill House Designs tells Redfin. The days of all white interiors are shifting away, as bold colors evoking joy and creativity, such as oranges, yellows, blues and greens gain more popularity. While natural, organic tones will continue to take the lead in kitchens and bathrooms, it will become more common to see vibrant backsplashes and pops of color in these spaces, says Hill House Design. 

Connection & Comfort

“I believe people are searching for comfort in their homes,” Kristin Ann Interior Design tells Redfin. “We spent a large portion of time hibernating within our walls during Covid which made people reconsider how they function within their space and how it makes them feel. People want to feel connected again.” In line with the theme of creating cozy spaces in 2024, people are finding comfort and connection through incorporating less grays and more creams and beige into their homes, as well as greenery, pops of color and unique and fun patterns for “warm minimalism” feel, says Kristin Ann Interior Design.

New Finishes & Styles 

2024 is predicted to see new interior design finishes and styles. This includes less white and off-white finishes and more colorful finishes and stains, as well as glazing. In countertops, granite, quartzite, soapstone and other natural materials are expected to become more popular. There will also be new trends for doors, according to Paul McAlary from Main Line Kitchen Design. “While shaker door styles will remain popular, other recessed panel doors and raised panel doors will cut into the previous popularity of the shaker door style,” McAlary tells Redfin. 

Texture Reemerges

“In 2024, interior design is set to witness a resurgence of texture as a prominent design element,” Modern Hill Mid-Century Modern Furniture Warehouse tells Redfin. Smooth surfaces will be less prominent as homeowners seek more tactile, textured materials. Vintage and textured wall panels, brutalist furniture, organic elements inspired by the natural world, traditional craftsmanship and the art of handmade textures are some predictions that will bring more texture into homes for 2024. 

Gold Makes a Comeback

“As we journey into 2024, the world of interior design is set to dazzle with a sumptuous and opulent trend – the resurgence of gold,” Bodaq Interior Film Wrap tells Redfin. Gold’s soft shimmer brings an opulent feel to any room, while also seamlessly blending into other colors. Designers at Bodaq Interior Film Wrap suggest that gold won’t just be seen as an accent element in 2024, rather it will be an “integral part of decor.”

Wallpaper & Midcentury-Modern Designs

“The big design trend here in my area is statement wallpaper in bedrooms and bathrooms,” H3K Design tells Redfin. “Wallpaper can instantly give a room personality, drama, and texture.” In addition to wallpaper, H3K Design predicts that mid-century modern design will be big in 2024 as people desire more authentic spaces. 

Nature-Themed Art

“With calm hues and relaxing environments being strong for 2024, nature-themed art has a huge impact on how we feel in our space,” Angela Cameron from Angela Cameron Fine Art tells Redfin. “Nature art gives us a feeling of relaxation, recharging you in your space with an emphasis on wellness.” Nature-based art pieces with warm tones of green, blue and orange are popular choices that can help you feel connected to the outdoors in each season. For inspiration, look for art pieces with foliage, including grass, leaves and trees, as well as ones with water-focused scenes like seascapes and ocean vistas, she says. 


“Based on recent demands and insights gathered from 3D models and textures requested for our Roomtodo catalog, it’s evident that there is a trend towards minimalist aesthetics and large textures,” Rodion Shalashenko from Roomtodo tells Redfin. Clean lines and sleek, and uncluttered spaces will continue to be popular in 2024. This modern, simplistic look is being achieved through hidden installation doors, concealed cornices, concealed plinths, push-to-open systems for cabinets and discreet handles, he says. 

Blue is the Color of the New Year

“Recent trends in interior design illustrate what I would call “quiet luxury,” embracing a soft and subtle approach to color,” Sue O’Connell at Sue O’Connell Architectural Color Consulting tells Redfin. A calming shade of blue might be the perfect way to achieve “quiet luxury,” given that multiple leaders in the paint industry, including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, have chosen a variation of light blue as the Color of the Year. “No doubt, the color blue will remain a powerful influence in 2024,” says O’Connell.

Read Redfin’s complete list of 2024 interior design trends according to the predictions of design experts here

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