How to Install a Split System Air Conditioner

Air conditioner installation is not just placing the air conditioner on a suitable surface, but also a rather complicated procedure of fixing the units, connecting pipes, and electrical wiring. It ends with an air conditioner adjustment and a test run. After installation, the air conditioner should be fully ready for use.

In many cases, during installation, the customer must solve rather complicated technical problems, use expensive professional equipment, and use the services of industrial climbers. Often AC Installation is performed in a room where a good repair has just been made. Sometimes the object of installation is a monument of antiquity or just a beautiful building.

Ceiling Air Conditioner Installation

Ceiling air conditioners are powerful climate equipment. They are attached to the ceiling and supply a stream of purified air through it. They belong to split systems and are mounted similarly. The only distinguishing feature of the installation is that you may need a drainage pump for drainage into the sewer.

Floor Air Conditioner Installation

A floor air conditioner can be installed in the home as an alternative to a wall-mounted split system. The installation is similar. The obligatory condition is to install the floor indoor unit on the wall at a distance of 10 cm from the floor, so the drainage can be drained off.

Installation of Precision Air Conditioners

This specialized climatic equipment is designed for rooms with high requirements for an ultra-precise, stable, special microclimate, such as server rooms and data centers. Precision air conditioners belong to the category of industrial air conditioners, their power starts from 10 kW. Installation is always non-standard, carried out according to the pre-written project.

Installation of Central Air Conditioner

The central air conditioner is a system of combined extract and input ventilation with pre-cooling. H-Town installs it in homes, offices, and factories if preliminary calculations show the feasibility of installing this type of air conditioner.

Why Is It Better to Call a Professional?

Buyers of split systems, air conditioners, combined and mobile fans not seldom face the problem of finding a qualified master for an inexpensive air conditioner installation. Experienced H-Town professionals often face the consequences of such savings.

Typically, do-it-yourself air conditioner installation results in:

  • Damage to the cabinet, chips, and cracks in the parts;
  • Breakage of the freon line;
  • Loss of factory warranty;
  • Falling of the unit due to unreliable fixing;
  • Refrigerant leakage;
  • Shorter life span;
  • Burnout of the appliance due to power surges.

Each model and brand of climate electrical equipment has its peculiarities of installation. Experienced craftsmen try to take into account the individual requirements of the owners and “adjust” the technical nuances to the actual conditions.

Installation of air conditioners requires highly qualified installation teams who have extensive experience with climatic equipment, as well as the availability of special, expensive, professional tools for installation. Therefore the work of a qualified installation brigade cannot be cheap, and even moreover it is not free.

What Guarantees Professional Air Conditioner Installation

As it is known there are no perfect walls and conditions in life. When installing split systems or other climatic household appliances highly qualified specialists of H-Town will allow you to solve several main issues in a complex way:

Plan a standard or non-standard installation of the external and internal units of the appliance;

  • perform placement with professional tools;
  • to lay an additional box, freon route;
  • calculate and place drainage system;
  • make wall drilling under the cable without unnecessary waste.

Our fitters from H-Town are knowledgeable enough to install air conditioners. They perform all the work with special equipment and use tested components. A license for installation works and a high level of practical skills allow the H-Town service team to perform installation works quickly, accurately, and professionally.

That is why our company H-Town pays great attention to the quality of training of installation crews. All our crews are certified before every new season and have their vehicles and a set of all necessary tools, equipped with mobile communication.

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