Gigi Hadid shows off surprisingly quirky taste in apartment photos

Supermodel Gigi Hadid is known for her stunning looks, impressive fashion sense, and luxurious lifestyle. However, her recent apartment photos reveal a surprisingly quirky and eclectic taste in interior design.

Unexpected Style Choices

Gigi Hadid’s apartment is located in New York’s NoHo neighborhood and features an open layout, high ceilings, and ample natural light. However, what sets it apart is the unusual décor that reflects Gigi’s unique personality.

One of the most eye-catching features of Gigi’s apartment is the eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. From vintage chairs to modern artwork, the space blends different eras and styles to create a one-of-a-kind look. The living room features a bright yellow sofa, mismatched throw pillows, and a statement rug that adds texture and pattern to the room.

Another surprising element is the use of bold colors and patterns. Gigi’s bedroom features a playful floral wallpaper that adds a whimsical touch, while the bathroom has a geometric black-and-white floor that creates a striking contrast with the bright pink walls.

Personal Touches

Gigi’s apartment also showcases her personal interests and passions. The kitchen shelves are filled with cookbooks, and a vintage record player adds a retro vibe to the space. The walls are adorned with art pieces, including a large portrait of Muhammad Ali that adds a touch of nostalgia.

The supermodel’s love for nature is also evident in the apartment’s décor. The living room has a large indoor tree that brings a sense of calm and serenity to the space. Additionally, the bedroom features a gallery wall of botanical prints that complements the floral wallpaper.

Final Thoughts

Gigi Hadid’s apartment photos reveal a surprisingly eclectic and whimsical taste in interior design. The mix of vintage and modern elements, bold colors, and personal touches make the space feel unique and reflective of Gigi’s personality. The apartment is a testament to the fact that when it comes to interior design, there are no rules, and individuality is key.


Gigi Hadid’s apartment photos showcase a refreshing and unique take on interior design. Her quirky and eclectic taste is reflected in the mix of vintage and modern elements, bold colors, and personal touches throughout the space. Her apartment is a great reminder that there are no rules in interior design and that individuality is key. It’s a refreshing break from the cookie-cutter designs often seen in celebrity homes and a testament to the fact that your home should reflect your personality and interests. Gigi’s apartment is a true reflection of her unique style and serves as inspiration for those looking to create a personalized and eclectic space.

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