March 29, 2023


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Beldara Express started its warehouses and logistic hubs in 7 locations in India

Beldara Express started its warehouses and logistic hubs in 7 locations in India

Beldara is taking a huge stride by expanding its logistics, and warehouses to smooth and speed up the order delivery in multiple locations., one of the fastest-growing B2B eCommerce, has announced its logistic services operations under the name of Beldara Express in 7 cities – Delhi, Agra, Allahabad, Rohtas, Surat, Mumbai, and Parbhani. The 7 hubs are covering 1200+ Pin codes to deliver and pick up the goods.
The need to extend Beldara logistic business was required mainly when Beldara started getting orders from tier 2 & 3 cities where logistic channel partners couldn’t deliver goods. Beldara Logistic hubs are opened not only in those areas where Beldara users are facing 3PL issues but also started in the cities from where Beldara is getting the maximum orders.
Businessmen need to store their products in the cities from where they are getting maximum orders to quickly deliver their goods. The demand of businessmen is fulfilled by the Beldara Express facility of warehouses in such cities.
Beldara opened its warehouses for more reliable and smooth logistic support to its suppliers and buyers. Beldara Express, the logistic service of Beldara is providing very competitive rates while understanding the needs of businessmen. It is beneficial for a buyer or supplier who can give or get orders and deliver on the same platform. is taking a more local and national approach to a business unit where it sees significant potential. It helps businesses grow strategically. Beldara, an Indian based marketplace is privileged to offer Indian manufacturers to sell through its platform to achieve a common goal of making New India a self-reliant India. Whether a business is large or small or MSME or SME, Beldara is always there to connect all B2B businesses.
Beldara business is focusing on tier-III cities as well. The main reason behind focusing on such cities is the business opportunity to grab and provide the basic facilities to its users. The demand is significantly coming from tier-II and tier-III cities. The portal which can facilitate an end to end solution from click to delivery of goods, the objective is to enhance the ease of doing business and bring in more efficiency.
“The logistic hub and warehouse speed-up the business growth as the orders are going to deliver quickly. Beldara Express is expanding its business to explore the specific needs of Indian trading and how we can take it to its full potential, in particular fulfilling the demand of businessmen at more ease. Expanding our logistic business is quite challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic but I believe for the right work, time is always right” said Founder of, Mr. Pradeep Khandekar.
In the coming six months, Beldara Express will open hubs in 25 more cities to accomplish the delivery of 50 percent of the Beldara orders.
“During Covid-19, a lot of manufacturers and wholesalers are looking for a digital solution to fulfill their logistic demand. Beldara, a tech company, is giving them a solution” he added.
About Beldara is the fastest growing online B2B e-commerce platform that endeavors to simplify the process of conducting business domestically and globally. The platform provides a top of the line technology infrastructure to help businesses reach new levels of success. Within two years, Beldara connected sellers and buyers in 127+ countries dealing with 30+ product categories with a family of 5 million users. The B2B Beldara app is available on the App Store as well as Google Play.
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