Awkward Living Room Layout With Corner Fireplace

Awkwardness and cleverness are completely contradictory. Often everyone likes a perfectly symmetric and well-designed living room. But what to do if you have an awkward living room layout with a corner fireplace? For this, you need a clever, useful, and practical solution to create a space that you and your family would love.

If your house is on the cozier side,  adjustable shelving, cupboards, and custom media centers may help you make the most of a small, awkward living room layout while giving fantastic comfort and gorgeous elegance.

Here are a few quick methods to make the most of an awkward living room.

Techniques To Fix an Awkward Living Room Design

Whether you have square rooms or L-shaped living rooms, you need strategies to make use of the natural form of your space that may work with your existing floor plan and modify the layout of the room in a way that provides a happier, better comfortable place. Uncomfortable living room design with fireplace. Below, organized by room shape, are some incredible ideas that the professionals have kept coming up with to help you fix your difficult living room layout:

Small square room

A built-in media center on one side of the square and two compact loveseats facing one other will provide a cozy and aesthetically pleasing living room.


  • You can add more compact custom cabinetry to accommodate your television and video game equipment.
  • Glass-doored cabinets offer a secure place to display priceless decor or cherished memories while still having a timeless charm.

The room is narrow and long

A long, rectangular room with a fireplace at one end has little storage space. A custom media center and shelves can be of great assistance for this type of challenging living room arrangement with a fireplace or space.


  • A custom entertainment center can offer storage in addition to space for your television and entertainment gear.
  • Pick a customized, flexible solution that will enable you to maintain a clutter-free space while guaranteeing that you always have access to your entertainment needs.
  • You can display some of your more decorative items and living room accents, such as family photos and antiques, on adjustable shelves.
  • For optimal results, install shelves in a location that can easily act as the focal point for visitors and use them to fill longer, thinner walls with wall space.

A rectangle and circle

You can place two sofas next to one another in the rectangular area of a shape that has a smaller region, such as a circle or square, and a larger region. This balances the living room while also creating a focal open area.

At the opposite end of the room, where the circular or square section of space is, you can add simple, custom-built cabinets with storage. Adjustable shelves may be placed practically anywhere, and in this design, hiding them behind your furniture works great.


  • Custom cabinetry with slide-out cabinets is great for storing entertainment equipment.
  • You can mount a television on the wall above your cabinets or add one on top of them.
  • Store your living room entertainment options just inside the cabinetry door. Use the floating shelves on either side to exhibit simple artwork, a candle, or other accessories.
  • Just beyond the couches, add adjustable shelves on the wall for hanging portraits of the family and yourself.

L-shaped living room

Place the sofa against the longer “L” portion of the wall, and place an oval or rectangular coffee table in front of it to make the two appear longer.

Place a sitting chair or smaller loveseat to the right of the sofa and a side table in the space between them to balance the objects’ natural flow. A unique entertainment center should also be mounted on the wall adjacent to your seating area.


  • Make a central location in your living space where people can gather to play games, watch TV, and share videos.
  • Choose an L-shaped modular couch that fits the L shape instead of putting a built-in media center across from the couch, along with a personalized bookshelf in the larger portion of the room to contain books, magazines, and the remote.

Oblong-shaped living room

For many individuals, oblong-shaped living spaces are the most challenging to deal with, but fear not—there is hope for this shape of the living room as well. Consider placing all of your furniture in the middle of the space, surrounded by a sizable, high-end rug and a specially designed media center to keep the rest of your belongings.

In this type of uncomfortable living room arrangement, accent chairs work nicely, especially if you accessorize them with patterned pillows and a floor rug that offers the perfect pop of color.


A living room running parallel to the kitchen

An awkward living room layout may even connect to a kitchen because of a partial wall or an island separating the two spaces. This set-up is perfect for entertaining guests. awkward living room design with a fireplace in the corner.

Dual custom cabinetry pieces, one in the living room and the other in the kitchen, would be a wonderful choice in this situation.


  • By holding snacks, plates, napkins, and cutlery, the bespoke cabinetry in the kitchen can serve as a clutter-reduction tool for entertaining.
  • The living room cabinetry may handle any quick-access storage requirements, including those for games and entertainment.
  • You can conceal items that you occasionally require but don’t need to be instantly accessible by using custom cabinets.
  • Examples of these include e-readers, photo albums, travel guides, and technological accessories.
  • Utilize your corners by setting up armchairs to create a comfortable area where you can enjoy the best entertainment and cuisine. You can also position your sofa lengthwise against a back wall to accommodate more guests.

The living area doubles as an office space

If you telecommute and want not only a living room but also a bespoke home office, you can custom design the living room to better equip your living room and home office activities. awkward living room design with a fireplace in the corner.


  • To create a balanced square or rectangle in the living room, a custom-built workstation can be positioned on one corner of the wall for working while the other half is used for entertaining.
  • Add slide-out drawers and interior storage to hide items and reduce clutter overall.
  • Your layout doesn’t need to be peculiarly formed just because your living room is. Custom-designed elements guarantee that you have the precise solutions required to build your ideal arrangement and enhance the general appearance and allure of your living area.

Final Layout of Customized Living Room

It’s easier than it appears to change the layout of your unpleasant living room when you engage with the right bespoke maker and designer. To enhance your space’s exquisite look and feel, let the specialists help you incorporate custom-designed components like built-in media centers, cabinetry, and shelving. You could also add a bespoke reach-in closet near your living room area for a little extra storage space. awkward living room design with a fireplace in the corner.

This is how you can spruce up your awkward living room layout with corner fireplace. The end result would be tasteful and comfortable for family and friends to enjoy a valuable time together.

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