Viewpoint Partners with ResidentRadius to Showcase Cutting-Edge Technology in Multifamily Real Estate Solutions

This episode will feature experts from ResidentRadius’s team, who will share their insights and vision for the future of multifamily real estate. Viewers will gain valuable knowledge about the innovative solutions ResidentRadius is pioneering and how these advances are set to propel the industry forward.

These industry experts will delve into the specifics of their platform, explaining how it leverages cutting-edge technology to address critical industry challenges. They will discuss how these solutions are enhancing affordability, sustainability, and convenience for residents and property managers alike.

Michael Bowman, CEO and Founder, expressed ResidentRadius’s commitment to “a collaborative approach that combines innovation, compassion, and value to create a better future for renters and communities.” Having spent a significant portion of his career in property management operations, he believes ResidentRadius is uniquely equipped to address the irreversible transformation the industry has experienced due to the pandemic and the necessity to embrace automation and centralization through technology. He stated, “Our focus is on improving the rental experience for both renters and property managers, and we are grateful to Dennis Quaid and Viewpoint for their support and partnership.”

“We’re immensely honored and thrilled to be selected for this opportunity,” said Ash Bell, President at ResidentRadius. “Dennis Quaid and Viewpoint provide an extraordinary platform to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our company and the impact tech companies like ours have on the thousands of apartment communities we call home.

The segment will explore various aspects of technology in multifamily real estate, including:

1.     Affordability: How technology is driving down costs and making housing more accessible.
2.     Sustainability: Innovations that contribute to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient properties.
3.     Centralization: The role of technology in streamlining property management and improving the resident experience.

The Viewpoint and ResidentRadius collaboration promises to be an eye-opening experience for anyone interested in the multifamily real estate industry or the impact of technology on our daily lives.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear firsthand from innovators shaping the future of multifamily real estate.

About Viewpoint: Viewpoint is a highly acclaimed talk show hosted by Dennis Quaid that explores various topics of interest to a wide range of viewers. From entertainment and culture to technology and industry trends, Viewpoint provides insightful and engaging discussions with experts and thought leaders.

About ResidentRadius: ResidentRadius is a leading innovator in multifamily real estate technology solutions. With a focus on affordability, sustainability, and convenience, ResidentRadius leverages cutting-edge technology to improve the lives of both residents and property managers in multifamily communities. For more information visit:

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