The Top Interior Design Trends You’ll See in 2024

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to think about 2024. (In my mind, I still think about time as if it’s the year 2000—like, 1970 was totally 30 years ago, right?!) One of my favorite parts of looking ahead to the new year is learning what colors and design styles will be trending in the next 12 months. After all, I’m constantly decorating and redecorating my apartment, so I’m more than happy to get a sneak peek at what’s to come so I can start budgeting for some new, on-trend decor pieces. I polled seven experts on the 2024 interior design trends they’re most excited about, and the results are in. Here are the interior design trends experts say will be everywhere next year.

1. Lots of Brown

Source: Studio McGee

Bring on the brown in 2024, baby! No longer perceived as boring or dated, this cozy neutral is back with a bang, according to Sacramento-based designer Rebecca Plumb. “Brown feels fresh after years of predominantly cool blues and greens,” she said. Plus, brown can be styled alongside more vibrant pieces to truly stun. “Brown is both rich and comforting, and I’m excited to see it juxtaposed with more saturated jewel tones and bright color pops,” Plumb said.

2. Playful Touches

Source: @ashleyhosmer

It’s time to have some more fun with our spaces in the new year, said Taylor Fusco, the founder of Tay Fusco Design on Long Island. “Life is already too serious—and, let’s face it, tough at times—but our interiors don’t have to be,” she said. Lately, Fusco has seen more out-of-the-box requests from clients, who are eager to take design risks. “Gone are the days of the white kitchen and all-gray and white marble tile bathrooms,” she said. Rather, 2024 is your chance to go bold. Whether that means contrasting color schemes or treatments like wallpaper and tile in funky patterns, here’s your sign to do what makes you happy.

3. Darker Wood Finishes

Source: Design by Emily Henderson and Priscilla Frost | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Designers predict the brown color trend will also extend to wood finishes, as we’ll start to see darker, richer woods in the new year. Long Island-based designer Danielle Chiprut noted that these finishes can lend your space a cozy, inviting ambience, “whether you use them on your coffee table, floors, kitchen cabinets, or in carefully chosen accessories,” she said.

Designer Jennifer Acito of the New Jersey-based studio Dama + Wood particularly loves the look of finishes like walnut or ash on vintage pieces. “Bonus points for anyone who can score a dark wood antique piece to incorporate into their home,” she said. “I’m personally on the hunt for dark wood night tables.”

4. Two-Tone Furniture

Source: @home_ec_op

Who says furniture has to be all one color? In a recent project, interior designer Becky Nielsen commissioned a two-toned upholstered sofa, and she and her client were equally thrilled with the result. “I think we can expect to see more two-tone upholstered pieces that keep within one monochromatic color scheme in young traditional designs this year,” she said. Whether you opt for an upholstered sofa with wood accents or an accent chair with a two-tone color combo, this trend is all about contrast.

5. Biophilic Design—With a Twist

Source: @homemadebycarmona

We first saw biophilic design (AKA spaces that incorporate nature) pop up in 2022, but fast forward a couple of years and this interior design trend is going digital. Designer Mahsa Afsharpour of the San Francisco-area firm Saga Interiors predicted we’ll be seeing more digital representations of nature in our homes, including smart planters and lighting systems that mimic natural light conditions. “Take it even a step further with living walls or vertical gardens enhanced by automated irrigation systems,” she suggested. Or, if live plants aren’t your thing, incorporate framed photography or art that nods to nature without the upkeep.

6. Textured Influences

Source: @leclairdecor

No room is complete without a textural touch or two. This year, we’ll be seeing lots of plaster, lime wash, and materials such as grasscloth and wool, said Stephanie Perez O’Boyle, a designer based in Westchester, New York. “This is especially helpful for those who prefer neutrals and monochromatic color palettes,” she said. “Adding texture throughout the space can elevate even the most beige room.”

7. Colorful Bouclé

Source: @amybartlam | Design by

If you love bouclé fabric, you’re in luck. This cozy design trend will continue to make waves next year but with a more colorful twist. “We’re excited to see it incorporated in warm, earthy colors outside of the typical white,” Perez said. Look for bouclé furniture and accessories in colors like deep burgundy, mossy green, or warm greige to make this material even cozier.

8. Moody Hues

Source: Pretty Real

Beyond brown, we’ll also be seeing more moody colors in the near future, Perez noted. “People seem to be getting brave with colors again,” she said, “and I think we’ll be seeing full spaces enveloped in deep, moody palettes, as opposed to single accent walls!” So if you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge with a bold wall color like navy blue, forest green, or even black, 2024 is your year to give it a go.

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