Dutch logistics company the Vredeveld Group has adopted Continental’s ContiConnect digital tire monitoring technology, which enables 24/7 monitoring of vehicles, particularly those on extended trips. With a fleet consisting of 125 trucks and 200 semitrailers, Vredeveld transports various bulk goods nationally and internationally. By using Continental’s technology to digitalize processes, […]

About Alpha Augmented Services Founded by experienced international logistics specialists and artificial intelligence experts, Alpha Augmented Services is funded and backed by top-tier investors and founders of global multi-billion dollar transport and logistics companies. The goal of Alpha Augmented Services is to promote economic and ecological improvements in the logistics […]

Do you need help managing the logistical side of things for your business? Have you been overwhelmed trying to figure out how to handle inventory, shipping, and transportation? If so, it may be time for you to consider working with a 3PL logistics company. A third-party logistics provider has extensive […]

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make in life. You want to ensure the house is in good condition, and everything works, so hire a home inspection company. A good inspector will look for issues like cracked foundations and leaking roofs and pay close […]

A Legacy Of Excellence for Storm Damage Repairs in MN & Western WI Lindus Construction has worked with homeowners in western Wisconsin and Minnesota since 1979. Our employees have a deep dedication to craftsmanship and customer service. Our headquarters is in Baldwin, WI which is the hometown of our founders, […]