Should I Hire A Skip When Moving House?

Moving house is often said to be one of life’s most stressful events. One of the biggest reasons for this is that most people accumulate so many possessions whilst living in their home. This can make clearing them out when the time comes to relocate a truly mammoth task. For this reason, many people choose to hire a skip to get rid of unwanted items quickly and easily without making several trips to the local tip. If you’re wondering “Should I hire a skip when moving house?”, read on. We’ve taken a look at why skip hire is such an essential service for home movers.

Should I Hire A Skip When Moving House?

5 Big Reasons To Hire A Skip For Your Next House Move

More and more people are opting to hire a skip when moving house. Skip hire is considered a better option than many other rubbish disposal methods, including taking waste to the tip yourself or hiring a man with a man who might even be unlicensed. Keep reading to find out why the answer to “Should I hire a skip when moving house?” is always yes.

Highly Convenient

When it comes to reasons to hire a skip when moving house, convenience should be top of the list. Skip hire is highly convenient since it allows you to start disposing of large quantities of waste right away without even leaving your home. Rather than loading up your car with the items you don’t want, you can simply throw them into the skip for someone else to get rid of. What’s more is that when you hire a skip, you won’t need to sort the items into different categories. They will be sorted later on once they arrive at the waste transfer station. This makes it a far less time-consuming job for you.


Getting rid of items you don’t want when moving house can become a costly task. Hiring a man with a van can be particularly expensive, especially if he needs to make several trips to the tip to dispose of your waste. Even if you plan on taking it there yourself, you will need to factor in the cost of petrol, which can be steep. Skip hire is a more cost-effective option as it allows you to dispose of all your unwanted possessions at once, for an agreed price.

Skip hire is likely to be more affordable than you imagine too. Statistics from Checkatrade show that on average, a mini skip costs around £105, whilst a midi skip is slightly more at £190 and a maxi skip is £305. Of course, these costs vary widely depending on the skip provider and the area. When you think about just how much waste you can fit into even the smallest size skip, you’ll surely agree that these prices are pretty reasonable. Get a few quotes when looking for a skip company as this will ensure you don’t pay more than you need.


When asking the question “Should I hire a skip when moving house?”, you need to consider how much flexibility you require. Since many skip firms offer short and long-term hire, it’s usually possible to have a skip for as long as you need. Whilst a standard hire period is normally a week or slightly longer, most companies can be fairly flexible about when they’ll collect a skip. If you need longer than agreed to finish clearing your rubbish, it may be possible to extend the hire period. This gives you longer to go through your possessions and decide what you want to throw away.

Environmentally Friendly

With protecting the planet more important than ever, it makes sense to choose an environmentally-friendly waste disposal method when clearing out your unwanted items. Hiring a skip is considered one of the most eco-friendly options since as little waste as possible is sent to a landfill. Any ethical skip hire company will transport its clients’ rubbish to a waste transfer station where it can be carefully sorted and categorised. Reusable items will be separated and recyclable waste will then be sent to the appropriate recycling facilities.

Always ask what will happen to your rubbish when hiring a skip hire firm. Not all will take an ethical approach, with some less scrupulous companies fly-tipping their customers’ rubbish, which is illegal. Skip hire companies are required to comply with landfill guidelines and council policies when getting rid of your waste. We recommend hiring a company that as takes a zero waste to landfill approach. This will ensure that they’re doing all they can to keep waste from local landfills where it can cause damage to the environment.

Encourages Decluttering

Decluttering is essential when moving house as it means you’ll have less to transport to your next property. Not only does this make moving day easier but it can also save you money on your removal costs. It can ensure that you don’t have loads of things you don’t need taking up valuable space in your new home. Hiring a skip can encourage decluttering since it makes disposing of items you don’t need or want any more so easy. With a skip on your doorstep, you simply need to go outside and put them in. You’re likely to become much more relaxed about getting rid of your unwanted belongings.
Hiring a skip can allow you to easily get rid of junk and other unwanted items when moving house. It’s widely considered a much better alternative to taking multiple trips to the local tip or hiring a man with a man for the job. For domestic skips in Rotherham, look no further than Beta Skips, the leading skip hire firm in the region.

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