Home Trends Out of Style in 2024

  • As an interior designer, I’ve seen 2023 design trends falling out of style as we enter 2024.
  • I predict that yellow-gold hardware and modern-farmhouse decor will get left behind.
  • Open-concept designs and beige-laden spaces are falling out of favor. 

As an interior designer, I stay on top of home trends that are gaining popularity and the ones that are getting left behind.

Despite missing the mark, these trends play a part in the ever-changing design landscape. Here are a few that fell short in 2023.

Yellow-gold hardware doesn’t look luxe anymore

Double vanity with white marble tops and large mirror with yellow-gold faucets

Yellow-gold hardware is popular in bathrooms and kitchens.

Edwin Tan/Getty Images

Yellow-gold hardware was everywhere this year, but it wasn’t versatile enough to complement a lot of popular design schemes.

The yellow-gold finish once exuded luxury but now screams “cheugy” — dated and trying a bit too hard to be cool.

It was overused, and it lost its initial allure and elegance.

The fast-furniture trend has become a revolving door of disposable decor

I’m over fast furniture that’s made cheaply so it can be sold at a low price — I’d rather pay more for pieces built to last.

This year, fast furniture caused many to prioritize trendiness over quality and sustainability. But, unsurprisingly, a $300 sofa won’t be particularly durable or long-lasting.

Modern-farmhouse spaces aren’t unique or special anymore

The modern-farmhouse aesthetic was huge this year, but many homes began to resemble mass-produced replicas of the same Pinterest board of shiplap and rustic decor.

The style has lost its charm while stifling many people’s creativity.

I hope to see more individuality and personal expression in 2024.

I’m tired of seeing 50 shades of beige in a space

Beige room with large pane windows, white bed, beige tapestry, beige carpet, and beige chair

Beige was overused this year.

ProCreators/Getty Images

This year, homes became covered in a sea of beige. These basic, monochromatic spaces lack visual intrigue and personality.

But I think 2024 will see many more people seeking out bolder color palettes and design elements to bring life and personality back into their living spaces.

Maximalism isn’t ideal for small spaces

At the same time, we saw a rise of maximalism — a “more is more” approach that celebrates colors and patterns.

But well-executed maximalism requires a trained eye and thoughtful curation, especially in a small space.

This style can overwhelm a small space when it isn’t done right.

Open-concept designs can be awkward

Light, airy open-concept apartment with a kitchen, living, and dining space open to one another

Open-concept layouts used to be incredibly popular.

Josep Gutierrez/Getty Images

This year, open-concept layouts made it more difficult to have privacy while also creating awkward spaces.

These spaces — where multiple rooms are connected in a large, undivided area — can compromise functionality and remove more intimate spaces from a home.

Wavy-edged furniture is already tacky

Furniture with wavy edges isn’t sophisticated, timeless, or graceful.

The trend had a short shelf life, swiftly transitioning from trendy to tacky.

Although it’s luxurious, statement marble was entirely overused this year

Modern open-concept living space with waterfall marble countertop on an island next to a dining room table and living room

Marble is best in small amounts.

ExperienceInteriors/Getty Images

Marble was used in many designs this year, but that excessive application has made the material lose its wow factor.

Its overuse has made it feel commonplace, diminishing its allure as a distinguished and exclusive design element.

This year took me from “Wow, marble!” to “Meh, more marble.”

Checkered rugs were never going to trend forever

Checkered rugs were just too predictable to stay trendy. Now, they just feel mundane.

They don’t offer the visual interest found in more intricately patterned rugs and aren’t as timeless as solid-colored ones.

Instead of feeling chic, they now feel choreographed.

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