Final Fantasy XIV – Housing Showcase: Hingan Kitchen

While I’ve been waiting for the World of Warcraft pre-patch that would finally give my beloved Night Elf leaves in her hair, I decided to jump back into Final Fantasy XIV . I still can’t believe that I’m typing this, but I haven’t logged back into WoW once since I renewed my subscription to FFXIV three weeks ago. With the recent announcement of more housing space being added in an upcoming patch, I set my eyes on learning the basics of decorating so that I would be ready for a larger building if I could snag one later.

Once I got a little gil under my belt, I purchased my first apartment and have been decorating it like a madwoman. I’m not very good at decorating yet, but I still enjoy the process all the same and enjoy visiting other houses to see what players have created.

When I wasn’t inside my apartment or running extremes with my free company, my character could be found wandering around beautiful, surprisingly detailed homes that other Free Companies painstakingly decorated to host roleplay events or just host members in their free time. With the owner’s approval, I’d like to share some of those homes and apartments with you every month in this housing showcase column.

Bunny Boo of Goblin was kind enough to let me stop by their FC’s <Hingan Kitchen> home in the Lavender Beds, which is appropriately adorned with many Hingan details.

The entrance to the Hingan Kitchen FC home rests sleepily in the Lavender Beds, welcoming visitors old and new.

A gorgeous sakura tree peeks out over the hedge, bringing an air of grace and peace to the home’s garden area. With a small swimming pool and a moogle mailbox to greet newcomers, it makes one wonder what the interior will look like.

Two NPC servants bathed in natural light and dressed in eastern attire wait to attend visitors.

One of my favorite housing items in FFXIV has to be the windows that imitate natural lighting. Sometimes folks can go a little crazy with these (I’m guilty of this as well), but the lobby area has just enough lighting to brighten up the room without going too overboard. It’s a lovely transition between the living areas and the surprise waiting on the bottom floor. But, before we go downstairs, we should stop in the kitchen for a snack and take a look at the living room.

An adorable, minimalistic, rose-tinted kitchen holds an assortment of herbs and snacks for the wayward traveler.

The kitchen does not disappoint, with an adorable, pink theme that serves as a gentle pop of color against the gray interior. Those who have tried to decorate their own homes would immediately notice how much work just this space itself took. Many of the items showcased are a mixture of partitions and other furnishings clipped together to create a new item entirely. It takes so much patience and time to line items up just right.

Cream and light blue accents create an airy and calm space for midday naps and lazy conversations.

When you’ve had your fill of snacks and goodies, there’s a lovely living area with tons of cushions you can use to curl up with by the fire. There’s even a television above the fireplace mantle! I wonder, what kind of channels would they have in Eorzea? The cream and light blue colors mix wonderfully to create an open and inviting space for all of your midday naps and random thoughts. I could see myself spending a few hours here just relaxing with a book on the gilded sofas.

Dark purple walls and chocolate brown flooring creates a stylish space for dancing.

I wasn’t expecting to find a lavish club on the bottom floor, but I’m definitely glad that I did. There’s also an out-of-shot VIP lounge and fully-stocked bar tended to by an NPC. The dark purple partition walls mixed with the gorgeous purple (crystal?) chandelier and dark flooring makes this room feel elegant and stylish. It was meant for entertainment, and I hope that the <Hingan Kitchen> will host some events in the future so that this gorgeous area can be appreciated by more folks.

Dusky rose walls are accented by floral crates with just a touch of pink.

A wooden planter display adds a nice touch of greenery for contrast against the dusky rose-tinted walls that lead into the next room. The pink accents on each crate are a nice touch that helps to tie in the decoration with the rest of the transition room.

A secret garden lies waiting for those who seek a moment of respite from their adventures.

Through the sliding doors, a beautiful secret garden lies in wait with a steaming hot tub in the corner. A carpet of pink flowers pads the ground, adding for more of that lovely contrast between the greenery and flowers. This indoor garden has to be one of my favorite places in the entire house. I wasn’t able to capture a picture of it before the natural lighting dimmed, but it is an absolutely gorgeous room to relax in.

Bunny Boo sits in one of her favorite spots in the kitchen.

A huge thanks to Bunny Boo for showing me around and inviting me into their lovely FC home! I’m so excited to explore more of FFXIV’s world of housing and show off some of these incredible creators and all of their hard work. If you would like to visit the <Hingan Kitchen> for yourself, head on over to the Lavender beds on Goblin server, Ward 7, Plot 1.

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