9 Double Island Kitchen Ideas Any Home Chef Would Love

rustic double island kitchen design with mountain or cabin decor

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People are gathering in kitchens like never before—not just to cook but to dine, socialize, even perform work-from-home tasks—which makes multiple counter surfaces and storage areas more important than ever. A double island kitchen means greater functionality, providing extra space to prep different courses, set up drinks and serving platters, streamline cleanup, and stow essentials. Adding this feature to a kitchen also allows several cooks to work simultaneously without getting into each other’s way. Eat-in kitchens and those with kitchen islands are features buyers often pay more for, so if it’s done well, a double kitchen island could increase your home’s value.

With a variety of different styles and layouts possible, your double island kitchen can be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Check out these double island kitchen designs for inspiration to make your cook space twice as nice!

1. Different Island Shapes

Suited to several cooks who take entertaining seriously, this double kitchen island features a tidy cooktop surface nestled in an oversize L-shaped island with a sink conveniently situated on both sides. The vast white counters boast wood details that complement the warmth of the home’s floors and walls. Indeed, it’s difficult to tell if the double island was a later addition, since the wood accents fit the aesthetics so well.

The placement is also spectacular. The double island kitchen layout faces the wall of windows and the backyard view. You can see the greenery on display whether you’re searing meat, grabbing a bottle of wine, or washing vegetables at the sink.

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2. Purpose Designated Islands

In large, luxury double island kitchens, homeowners may situate two islands of similar size side by side, designating a specific function for each. In this massive cook space, for instance, the island with cabinets and an apron sink is for food prep, while the other, featuring barware, a pair of chandeliers, and an overhang for bar stools, is ideal for dining.

The variety of wood species and edge profiles may make this double island kitchen too eclectic for your taste. To achieve a more cohesive look, choose the same tones, designs, and hardware for both islands.

3. Narrow Kitchen Setup

Narrow double island kitchen

Photo: studiom-kb.com | Builder: Michels Homes | Photographer: Scott Amundson Photography

Double kitchen islands are not for oversized spaces only! Kitchen islands use various sizes and layouts so homeowners can choose parallel, T-shaped, L-shaped, side-by-side, and more to work successfully in kitchens with average square footage.

In this long, narrow kitchen, the islands are positioned next to each other, creating a laneway that clearly delineates the chef’s workspace. To avoid a disconnected vibe between the islands, add an extra element to close the gap a bit, such as the slightly lower butcher block level here.

4. Color Matched Islands

Choosing a hue for two kitchen islands that draws from the color family elsewhere in the room helps the design hang together. Here, the subtle blue-gray of the islands plays nicely with the backsplash as well as the design details of the breakfast nook. The island counters, made of the same material as the perimeter countertops, furthers the seamless appeal while allowing for interesting accents, like the islands’ metal door grates.

5. Simple, Stylish Symmetry

When renovating to add double islands, make sure they suit the scale and vibe of your space. Too small and they’ll seem dwarfed by high ceilings, too big and they’ll obstruct traffic flow. While this large kitchen could accommodate a variety of oversize kitchen island configurations, the homeowners choose a simple pair that practically mirror each other while also suiting the spare aesthetics of the room. L-shaped, nesting, or noticeably different-sized islands would have thrown the whole design out of balance.

6. Knockout Nesting

Farmhouse kitchen with double islands

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Even in an enormous cook space, double islands can be both practical and playful—as this farmhouse style proves. The big kitchen island means business, offering ample prep space and a sink, while a unique, barrel-shaped smaller island is nested into one corner. Slightly taller and featuring a natural wood stain, the secondary island serves as an intriguing focal point, as well as the perfect pedestal to display baked goods, pottery, or a floral arrangement to make evening entertaining more special.

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7. Functional Flow

A luxury double island kitchen can lead to successful teamwork between two or more chefs. In this layout, there’s plenty of room between the islands and the surrounding structures, giving home cooks room to whisk, chop, and saute. The island with the stovetop is obviously for cooking tasks while the other, with the stools tucked under the overhang, suits snacking and socializing. Note that in this kitchen island construction, there’s also ample space between the islands and the pantry and the wall ovens. No risk of a cooking collision here!

8. Vibes With a View

Large kitchen with chef island

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Gourmet chefs often enjoy an audience—as long as no one gets in their way when they cook! This impressive double island setup offers both: a sleek, professional restaurant-style cooking station, complete with a handsome range hood, faces seating for four at a stately wooden island. Spectators are close enough to kibitz but far enough away to avoid the heat. The concept is inspiring, even if you don’t plan to host a cooking show at home.

9. Custom Kitchen Island Details

Luxury kitchen with double islands

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There are many design options for luxury double island kitchens, and some design firms will work with you to provide all the details you desire for a big kitchen island that’s practical yet posh.

For example, this kitchen dedicates an island and a half to kitchen counter space and raises the other half of the second island to bar height. As a customized plus, the homeowners needn’t worry about tripping over dog bowls because the design boasts a small alcove purpose-built for pet food and water. It’s a sleek and modern double island kitchen that features exacting extras that are well worth the splurge.

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