23 Best Bathroom Decor Ideas, According to Designers

With lounge areas, meditation spaces, and even beverage stations, bathrooms are taking on new functions in our wellness-obsessed daily lives. As a result, bathroom decor ideas have expanded, transforming what used to be, arguably, the home’s most utilitarian rooms into personal sanctuaries. And we’re not only growing fonder of our bathrooms, they’re increasing in square footage too. “We are seeing that bathrooms are growing larger and more important to homeowners, especially in the high-end housing market,” says Holly Hunt of the Chicago-based House of Hunt.

As for outfitting these increasingly significant spaces, we reached out to top design pros across the country for their best bathroom decorating ideas. Below, they’ve shared answers to commonly asked questions as well as fresh inspiration.

How do I add decor to my bathroom?

In other words, where do you begin? Bianca Ecklund of Bianca Ecklund Design in Hermosa Beach, California, says to turn to your personal style. “Bathrooms are a great space to express a design style that is unique to the homeowner. It’s also a space that should visually look the way you want to feel in it. Whether that’s spa-like or energetic, this is where you have the freedom to express your energy.”

From there, consider each choice—from the faucets to the floor tile—an aesthetic one. “Embrace imaginative design decisions to metamorphose an ordinary powder room into a charming treasure trove brimming with character,” says Kellie Sirna of the Dallas-based Studio 11 Design. She recommends combining a vibrant sink with a patterned wall covering, using sculptural lighting to elevate the ambiance, or adding thoughtfully positioned tiles to “craft optical illusions that captivate the eye and introduce visual intrigue.”

What decorations can you put in a bathroom?

In addition to the requisite bath mats and towel racks, designers are approaching bathrooms like they would other rooms in the house, adding lighting fixtures, lamps, open shelving, and actual pieces of furniture, such as armoires, rather than relying on built-in storage. Sarah Tract of Sarah Tract Interiors in New York City says, “I love wallpaper in a bathroom, especially the powder room. A powder room is your own personal jewel box with the opportunity to make a statement for your guests to see.”

What do you hang on bathroom walls?

Hanging artwork in bathrooms and even creating gallery walls is a favorite design idea of the moment. “I’m all for it!” says Teresa Manns of Teresa Manns Design in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. “Hanging artwork, bringing in greenery with plants, and even creating cozy seating areas can transform a bathroom into a multifunctional and inviting space,” she says. Additional wall decor ideas include adding sconces and floating shelves to display apothecary jars or pottery.

Read on for more bathroom decor ideas to try at home.

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