10 Expert Tips on Spanish Interior Design

Welcome to the world of Spanish interior design, where warmth, authenticity, and timeless beauty come together. Whether you live in an apartment in Tucson, AZ  or you’re moving to a new house in Orlando, FL, the allure of Spanish-inspired interiors transcends geographical boundaries. With its roots deeply embedded in Spanish culture, this design style offers a universal appeal that can be embraced and adapted in any corner of the world.

In this Redfin article, we will delve into the expert tips and advice from professionals in the field, guiding you on how to achieve an authentic Spanish Hacienda-style interior.  We’ll uncover the secrets to crafting a Spanish-inspired home that reflects its rich heritage and evokes a sense of relaxed elegance. 

10 Expert Tips on Spanish Interior Design

1. Incorporate Spanish-inspired architectural elements and design features

While there are no rigid guidelines for achieving this aesthetic, there are certain characteristics that are commonly found in Spanish-style homes.

“Install arched details and doorways to recreate an old-world Spanish architectural vibe,” recommends Rachel Moriarty Interiors. “Incorporate hand-painted tiles in a patterned design and terracotta flooring for an authentic Spanish Hacienda feel. Use earthy colors like terracotta and mustard to create a warm and inviting ambiance that mimics the Spanish Hacienda look.

Use iron accents such as stair rails, lighting, and hardware to recreate Spanish architectural design.”

Rachel Moriarty Interiors Spanish interior design

Courtesy of Deborah Shields 

2. Use natural materials throughout your home

Natural materials, like stone and wood, help capture  the authentic beauty and character of Spanish Hacienda design.

“The key to any good design, particularly Spanish Hacienda, is to focus on authentic materials,” recommends Deborah Houston Interiors. “In a world of fake wood and porcelain everything, there is no substitute for the real thing: real stone, wood, metal, and ceramics. They are the key to achieving authentic beauty.”

3. Blend contemporary design into your Spanish Hacienda design

To bring a fresh twist to your space, consider incorporating contemporary design elements alongside traditional features.

“Don’t be afraid to mix modern or transitional design elements into a Spanish Hacienda home. The traditional arches, wood beams, smooth stucco walls and wrought ironwork can easily be blended, and even more highlighted, with light paint colors, transitional furniture and striking accessories to create a stylish home that families today will love,” shares Tena Hill, Design Studio Director and Interior Designer at Andalusia Country Club

4. Showcase beautiful crafstmanship

Intricate designs and fine craftsmanship take center stage, allowing the beauty of each piece of furniture in your home to shine.

“The Spanish Hacienda design style is all about letting the beautiful craftsmanship of this style speak for itself,” says Homzie Designs. “We love featuring statement-carved headboards like this dark wood spindle bed. Its scale and detail ground the space and draw the eye, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship. When using a variety of statement features like wood beams, carved furniture, and large-scale woven lighting, we like to keep the rest of the styling minimal by bringing out this style’s organic colors and textures to keep anything from competing.”

Spanish style living room by Homzie Designs

Courtesy of Homzie Designs

5. Spanish interior and architectural design should reflect its roots

Spanish interior and architectural design is deeply rooted in its heritage and should reflect the essence of its origins.

“Our architecture focuses on the continuity of the values of Andalusia: its climate, culture, and tradition, which are significant elements in Spanish interior design,” says Alejandro Giménez Architects. “Andalusia, a region in southern Spain, holds a rich cultural heritage and historical importance, shaping our contemporary projects that blend traditional aesthetics with a modern approach, allowing us to maintain our unique identity and stand out from other places.

Among the materials we use in our projects, we highlight the esparto grass on the façade, Portuguese stone block flooring, natural muds, application of natural plaster, solid natural wood with its textured nobility, and rattan in the wardrobes. Even with the incorporation of new materials such as microcement, we ensure the application is done by human hands.”

Spanish designed patio by Alejandro Giménez Architects

Courtesy of Alejandro Giménez Architects

6. Don’t be afraid to mix in modern elements

The Spanish hacienda style offers versatility in design, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into modern interiors while preserving its unique and defining features. With careful adaptation, this style can be infused with contemporary elements to create a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern aesthetics.

“Spanish hacienda is an immediately recognizable style because it is so specific. It requires arched or open doorways, exposed wood beams, terracotta tiles, iron finishes, and a warm color palette,” shares Kate O’Hara, CEO from Martha O’Hara Interiors. “What is exciting about this style is that it lends itself to a modern interpretation that many people are embracing. For people who don’t want terracotta covering their floors, they might consider stair risers, which is a beautiful and unique way to pull the necessary elements into a house.”

Spanish styled living room

Courtesy of Andrea Calo

7. How to craft a warm, simple, and cohesive atmosphere

“Embrace the warmth and elegance of Spanish Hacienda style by incorporating rich, earthy tones, rustic textures, and intricate architectural details into your home. From hand-painted tiles to wrought iron accents, creating a space that exudes the timeless charm of a Spanish hacienda is all about celebrating craftsmanship and embracing a relaxed, inviting atmosphere,” suggests Etch Design Group.

“When striving for authenticity, it’s important to avoid excessive ornamentation and clutter. Maintaining a balance between simplicity and the authentic elements of Spanish design is key. Additionally, it’s advisable to steer clear of mismatched architectural styles and overuse of bright, bold colors to achieve a more cohesive and genuine Spanish Hacienda aesthetic.”

8. Embrace imperfections while styling your home

In Spanish interior design, there is a celebration of the beauty found in weathered textures and worn surfaces. Instead of striving for flawless perfection, allow imperfections to shine through, telling a story of the passage of time and adding a sense of authenticity.

“Historically, Spanish Haciendas were built using traditional materials such as red clay, stucco, and rustic woods that were both efficient and natural to the environment. The beauty of these homes, particularly in the interiors, comes from their imperfections,” shares Natalie Aldridge, Interior Designer and Contributing Editor for The Glam Pad

Nothing is too precious or too refined. Incorporating a similar mentality when working to achieve this style is essential. A remarkable modern reference to Spanish Hacienda style can be found in the Mediterranean-inspired homes of Palm Beach, designed by the legendary Addison Mizner. Despite being American interpretations of a historic style, they exude incredible elegance and authenticity.”

9. Harmonize earthy colors and natural materials

By thoughtfully blending warm colors and natural materials, you can infuse your space with the distinctive essence of Hacienda design. 

“The foundation of a Spanish Hacienda-style interior lies in its earthy color palette and the use of authentic materials. Begin by selecting warm, earth-toned hues such as terracotta, mustard yellows, or sandy beige for your walls. These colors reflect the sun-soaked landscapes of Spain and create a cozy ambiance. For a more neutral and modern approach, use creamy warm white or sandy beige tones for your walls or cabinets,” recommends Stephanie Georgoulakis, President of Life by Design Interiors.

“To infuse your space with authenticity, incorporate natural and rustic materials throughout. Exposed wooden beams, stone walls, and traditional terracotta tiles serve as distinctive architectural elements. Embrace their raw beauty and allow them to take center stage in your design. Use reclaimed wood for furniture, flooring, or accent pieces to maintain a sense of history and craftsmanship. Pair these materials with wrought iron fixtures and lighting to add a touch of elegance and create a cohesive Spanish Hacienda ambiance.”

Spanish Hacienda style house

Courtesy of Life by Design Interiors

10. Create intimate spaces and embrace textural elements

A comforting atmosphere can be achieved by crafting intimate spaces designed to promote relaxation and ease.

“Spanish hacienda style interiors are known for their cozy and inviting atmosphere. To achieve this, focus on creating intimate spaces that foster relaxation and comfort. Start by incorporating plush seating arrangements with upholstered sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. Layer textiles such as handwoven rugs, and richly textured curtains to add warmth and visual interest,” shares Stephanie.

“These soft and inviting elements create a sense of coziness and relaxation. Pay attention to lighting to enhance the ambiance further. Utilize warm, soft lighting through the use of wall sconces, table lamps, and candles. Consider installing wrought iron chandeliers or pendant lights to add a touch of grandeur and create a romantic atmosphere. To add depth and character to your space, embrace textural accents. Introduce elements like woven baskets, handcrafted pottery, and decorative tilework. These details bring a tactile quality to your interior, emphasizing the Spanish hacienda style’s commitment to craftsmanship and authenticity.”

Spanish style ceilings featuring craft wood, beams, and a chandelier

Courtesy of Life by Design Interiors

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