March 31, 2023


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Wooden Style Tile for Modern Homes

Wooden Style Tile for Modern Homes

Wooden Style Tile for Modern Homes

Wooden style tile adds extra elegance to your modern home. It is efficient, more accessible, and provides a broad range of textures, colors, and tones. From wood shower tile to kitchen backsplashes, low maintenance allows it to be used anywhere. This is a very good option.

Effect and color choices are practically infinite and can give both a classic parquet finish and a reclaimed grain look. Check out these exclusive wooden style tile ideas for modern homes.

Natural Wood Look Tile

Source: TileBar

While most wood style tile is made from porcelain and ceramics, it often looks so natural and convincing. It can be tough to say whether it is real wood or not. If you’re trying to build a dry, welcoming, traditional living room inside, this is the effect you ‘d want.

Dark, white, gray, and red wood-looking tiles come in shades and hues of all kinds. Still, in modern interiors, darker and lighter shades fit well. Such floor tiles are designed to contrast smart and trendy esthetics to the neutral color schemes of contemporary rooms.

A little more texture in wood looks like tile design, and in your contemporary room, you get more dimension and detail. What makes wooden floors so fascinating is the gradation of curves, grain, and color. The intriguing but subtle texture of wood, however natural it may be, can bring much to the interior.

Light Wood

Source: Walls and Floors

It is not an easy task to paint wood flooring. In fact, nothing is accessible in the wood finish, so why not opt for the tile with a light wood look? Cool, airy, and wonderfully spacious, the combination of indoor and outdoor spaces will extend outward.

No matter how and where they are used, the light wood finishes have that comfortable feeling. Take, for example, this Kerrie Kelly bathroom concept. She took the light wooden tiles to this decorative wall/splash guard and turned an elegant bathroom into a neutral bath.

Light wood flooring looks great in every room. They look particularly luxurious in the bathroom. Even old wooden beams and a new wooden dressing table can’t take away this bathroom’s comfort created by light wooden tiles and a standing bath.

Bianco Watercolor

Source: FloorLife

Today steel gray, tomorrow neon orange: Bianco watercolor porcelain is there for your most vibrant changes. The light gray tones are strong and timeless, and a stable and consistent backdrop for the latest fashions. Whether you are in the countryside or on the 30th floor of a New York skyscraper, it is perfect.

Styles can come and go, and you can adapt them easily by choosing a robust, easy-to-maintain porcelain stoneware that suits almost everything from absolute industrial art to rural, rustic or traditional art.

Wooden Backsplash


The last place you want to use real wood is the backsplash. But how closely does wood appear like freshness, especially with all available finishes? The shower wall is the ideal place to check your tiles in the wood style. The outcome is instant and new. Ceramic tiles work well in a kitchen, but they just become repetitive for every other style.

Wood-looking tiles wouldn’t work with all styles, of course, but if you want something different, you have to try it out. Since wood fits every material, it opens up a world of possibilities for design. Just try to visualize it.

Beige Havenwood

Source: MSI Stone

Classic wood-looking tiles like porcelain Havenwood beige derive their impressive realism from inkjet printing technology. This porcelain stoneware flooring, similar to pine, is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and very easy to clean.

The short and full 8″x 36 “planks lend themselves to several innovative designs, offering a fresh look you will appreciate in the years ahead.

Grigio Watercolor

Source: Pinterest

Certainly, the appearance of natural materials will never get out of fashion. Grigio Watercolour Porcelain is a natural stone-like porcelain tile, with a range of mid-gray tones. Since modern decoration can often be a bit easy, adding a charismatic spark is an excellent way to.

What Makes Wood Style Tile a Widespread Choice?

Value: The tiling was always valued better than hardwood. Until recently, however, it was not near to delivering the general warmth that is natural to real wood. But with technical advancements, reproducing the hardwood look with substantial savings is now simpler than ever.

And that was just the start. You may need to sacrifice style when buying hardwood to save. But tiles are cheaper to manufacture, so you can often buy larger tile boards at the same price as smaller ones.

Maintenance: Tiles are absurdly easy to carry. You don’t need expensive cleaners or tools. A tile mop and a static broom or tile vacuum will work well. And unlike many other types of flooring, tiles can resist water and moisture. You shouldn’t be flooding your floors, but if they’re wet, they won’t warp or warp.

Source: Lowe’s

When it comes to cleaning products, be careful what you use. Acidic and abrasive cleaners can break the grout and cause impairment. We recommend you stick with mild soap and warm water.

Versatility: Are you looking for an elegant and flexible floor anywhere you want to go in your home? If so, tiles with a wooden look are perfect. Tiles may be used in toilets, kitchens, vestibules, and even basements. The tiles are, in fact, impervious to humidity and moisture, given they are smooth. It does not need a wooden subfloor, and it directly adheres to cement.

Variety: When you’re looking for flooring that provides infinite possibilities, a great choice is wood veneer. Not only can you get floors that suit your favorite species of hardwood, but you can even customize the color.

Many high-end tile producers can offer your requirements with a template. Indeed, if you can’t bear the customization expense, you will find a wide selection of shades and textures to suit your style. Besides, tiles that represent bleached or sun-weathered planks can be purchased.