December 2, 2022


Delighting home maniacs

Woman designs every room in her house with different film themes

Woman designs every room in her house with different film themes

A Disney enthusiast has taken her passion to the next level by decorating her house completely themed on her favourite films.

The self-confessed ‘Disney decorator’ has been posting the results to Instagram and has got users on the platform wishing they could be part of that world, too. 

Rooms include an Aladdin-themed bathroom, an Alice in Wonderland powder room, a bedroom fit for Cinderella and a dining room Belle and the Beast could enjoy a feast or two in.

The Instagram account, kelseymichelle85, has racked up nearly 60,000 followers who are keen to be updated on the magical home interiors.

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The entrance

If guests didn’t know what they were getting into before, they will now – this is a Disney house with a Mickey Mouse welcome, just to get them in the mood. 


The magical Aladdin master bathroom really does take visitors to a whole new world.

The bath taps are even shaped like Aladdin’s lamp and in the evening it’s illuminated with sparkles, flickering candles and magic lanterns. 

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Remember that princess bedroom you always wanted, but your parents told you ‘no’ because you would grow out of it?

Well who says we ever grow out of wanting a bedroom fit for Disney royalty with pearl-lined curtains?

The Cinderella master bedroom is beyond gorgeous. 

Living room

Although she definitely will not want to be escaping out of the window any time soon, the Instagram user has created a room dedicated to Tangled, which she calls ‘the Rapunzel room’.

There’s even homemade, themed bunting on the wall – in case we weren’t feeling inadequate enough about our home decorating abilities. 


If lockdown has left you craving a trip to the sea, not to worry – this Little Mermaid bathroom takes you to the bottom of the ocean where you can feel submerged in the aquamarine walls and fish-scale floor. 

Dining room

But where do you go to eat? The Beauty and the Beast dining room, of course, complete with ornate chairs and a rose kept in a glass case.

Perfect for a romantic dinner date.

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Powder room

Whenever guests need to freshen up, there’s an Alice in Wonderland powder room just for that.

The room is covered in floral decorations including a teapot made of flowers, Cheshire Cats and a delicate tea set. Tea party in the powder room, anyone? 

There’s even a Mickey Mouse soap dispenser in the powder room and guess what… the soap comes out on your hand in that iconic shape, recognised all over the world.


Nobody is left out of the fun because there’s even a Lady and the Tramp nursery so that all the family are encircled in Disney magic while they sleep.