March 30, 2023


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Wickes: The Story of a Kitchen Corner

Wickes: The Story of a Kitchen Corner

When we were younger, many of us played with doll’s houses, spending hours of our childhoods imagining our dream home. And even when we’ve grown up, when we see a lovely house or an amazing space, we can’t help but imagine what we’d do with it to make it feel like our home.

Rachel Loos, Grazia’s interiors expert, is one of the ones who can’t help herself: “For me, seeing a beautiful space is the perfect invitation to picture how it would look with my favourite things in it!”

And this Melrose Carbon kitchen from Wickes is the dream setting for Rachel’s imagination to run wild – and yours. Here, Rachel shares her tips for how she’d style this kitchen corner in her own home, giving you all the inspiration you need to make it feel like yours too.

The Ideal Space

“I absolutely love this Wickes Melrose Carbon kitchen,” says Rachel. “It’s super stylish and full of character. It’s a warm living space, rather than a cold, functional one.”

The Melrose Carbon kitchen is part of the Wickes Showroom collection, which features 42 styles that are perfect for every home and include something for every taste, from the classic to the contemporary. The carbon colourway of this design is as striking as it is sleek.

“The colour is so elegant and the perfect base for the more decorative features, from the chic brass handles to the forest green coloured tiles in a statement chevron pattern,” agrees Rachel. This satin smooth finish also has fingerprint-resistant technology, making a practical choice as well as a stylish one.

There are plenty of other features in this kitchen that make it a dream space.

“Open shelving is very much on trend and I’m a big fan as it makes the kitchen feel airier,” enthuses Rachel. “Also keeping things sleek is the statement light. It could be a dull, blank ceiling space, but the horizontal style light makes it visually interesting.”

Making It Mine

When it comes to making this kitchen hers, Rachel has imagined all the furnishings, crockery and little touches that she’d fill this corner with.

Stylish Glassware

“I’d put it on show on the open shelving to add a decorative touch. Plus, it’s perfect for a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc.”

Stoneware Crockery

“With its irregular shapes, it adds interest and looks gorgeous.”

Fruit Bowl

“Filled with fresh fruit, it adds colour and decoration to the room.”

Indoor Plants

“The green tiles of this Melrose Carbon kitchen are perfect for teaming with a trailing plan that can sit on top of the shelves.”


“They always add warmth to a room. I’d have my cookbooks in the corner of the kitchen with a cool bookend.”


“A round vase introduces a less angular accent, softening the look, and ties with the statement light. I love single flower arrangements, and white hydrangeas would be my top choice.”


“This room has such a decorative vibe that a patterned rug on the floor would fit in perfectly.”


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Making It Yours

With Wickes, you don’t have just have to imagine your ideal kitchen – you can make the dream a reality. Discover the stylish selection available in its Showroom Kitchen collection or browse through an amazing choice of Ready To Fit options. And if you’re already brimming with ideas, why not chat with a Wickes design consultant and bring your ideas to life? You can book an appointment and meet with an expert through its Virtual Design Service or arrange an in-store meeting.