March 29, 2023


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Why You Need Pest Control In Your New Home

Why You Need Pest Control In Your New Home

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Whenever you move into a brand new home, you might have a checklist of things that you want or need to do. You might want to get some new furniture installed, repaint the kitchen, fix up the bathroom, and more. However, what you might not realize that you need to add to the list is pest control.

New homes, whether you have built them yourself or have bought them from somewhere else, often need some pest control services done, and you can save yourself a lot of time and money by taking care of the pest control service well before it becomes a problem.

Why You Need Pest Control In Your New Home

Is Pest Control Really Needed When You Move Into A New Home?

Now you might wonder if you are just being cynical, because surely new homes are cleaned and treated before new owners are allowed in right? Well, no home is immune to pest problems, and a variety of factors will affect the various types of pests that can get inside the home. For example, very old homes will often have more termite problems than newer homes.

While if an ant mound is disturbed during the construction of a property, then those ants will go into your new home and set up shop there. Plus other pests like cockroaches, mice, and termites can be attracted to your new home for a wide variety of reasons. Even if you are 100% sure that your new home is clean and ready to go when you move in, you can at least keep your eyes peeled for the signs of pests.

Pest Control Can Help You Avoid Future Headaches

One of the biggest problems that pest control can give you whenever it comes to moving into a new house is just another problem to deal with. You aren’t just moving into a new house and trying to get yourself used to a new town and new people, but now you need to spend more money and time dealing with a termite or mice or cockroach infestation that is doing damage to your walls and your home and causing all sorts of problems for everyone.

By investing in pest control early, you don’t need to discover the pest problem before it gets out of hand and causes a lot of problems for you when you move in! So don’t be afraid to try and look for an exterminator in Tacoma before you move in. If you can get them in your home or apartment to pretreat for pests before you move in, then you don’t need to worry about moving around a professional exterminator’s schedule while you also try to unpack and live your new life.

What A Pest Control Company Can Do For Your Home

Along with removing the pests from your home, they can also perform a pest inspection of your home and let you know of some of the problems that are causing pests to make their nests in your home in the first place. For example, one of the most common problems that you might find is cracks in the foundation of your home, which can make it very easy for pests to find their way in.

If you can get these problems identified by a certified expert, and then get them repaired, you aren’t just clearing out the pest issues from your home, you are also making sure that they can’t happen again. Because no one wants to share their home with pests, especially during those future moments when you’ve moved in and everything seems perfect, only for a bug issue to cause you to have everything get set back.

Pest Control Ensures Your Family’s Health

One of the bigger problems with pests is that they don’t just cause a lot of damage to your home, but they can also be health problems. Various pests can bring disease and infection into your home and that can affect your entire family. Pests can carry various diseases by themselves on their bodies, as well as in their droppings and saliva as well.

While you might wonder how a small bite or dropping from a pest can lead to you or your family getting sick, there are a lot of different ways where that small interaction from a pest can lead to something getting contaminated or infected and this can lead to all sorts of health problems.

Since you don’t want your family or yourself getting sick because of uncontrolled pest movements in your home, you should call pest control in order to make sure that your home is free of pests and also cleaned before you and your family are moved in.

Pest Control Keeps The New Home Fresh

Finally, it can be very easy to get sucked into the allure of a new home, but you often only see what is on the surface. However, if you can have your new home examined by a pest inspector, they can reveal the problems that you might not see on the surface. They will be able to spot a lot of internal issues and also tell you of any current issues that need to be fixed in order to get the pests out of your home.

This allows you to enjoy your new home and know that it is 100% pest free! That is peace of mind that you don’t know that you want until you have it, but it will certainly make you more excited to move into your new home!

It Is Better To Be Safe Than Sorry With Pest Control

Even if you are moving into a new home and think that it is pretty clean, it is still worth your time to get a pest inspection, or even just a free consultation to make sure that your new apartment is 100% pest free. Even if the inspection turns up nothing, just by taking the time to have it, you will be able to enter your new home with confidence!