March 31, 2023


Delighting home maniacs

Why we love new traditional design more than ever

Why we love new traditional design more than ever

New traditional design is catching on with new generations at a quick rate which, as a fan of the style, I am thrilled to see. It has me thinking, “Why now?” In times of uncertainty, change and stress, we find ourselves coping in many ways.

One way is through nostalgia. We long for simpler times and the rose-colored glasses with which we view the past. Our brains make connections to places, things and scents that comfort us and make us feel at peace. We are in the midst of a historic (and historically uncomfortable) event, and that has many of us dreaming of days long gone and searching for comfort and tradition in our everyday lives. Not only that, but now with all this time at home, many of us are looking for house projects to keep our hands and minds busy.

New traditional style now has many names, from grandmillenial to modern vintage to neo-traditional, but it all comes down to mixing the old with the new (and possibly throwing in something blue). A few simple changes can take a traditional heirloom piece and make it “new.” A vintage daybed can become an updated showstopper with the change of a cushion. A hand-me-down cabinet can be made fresh with a geometric ginger jar arrangement, and the old high-back sofa you thought you wanted to sell can be given new life with a simple reupholster.