What Should I Choose: Clear Cedar or Knotty Cedar?

So the time has come to consider new siding for your home. Perhaps you are tired of painting every few years, or the upkeep of your current siding has become too much. The options for siding are many! Composite, vinyl, fiber cement, or wood siding are some of the options available. It can become a little overwhelming to consider the right one for you and your home.

Best cedar siding Contractor

Cedar has amazing benefits when it comes to siding! Here is a list of a few top advantages. 

  • Repels rodents, termites, and carpenter ants
  • Durable! 
  • Decay resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy Efficient
  • Color and style variety

Cedar will certainly set your home apart from those on the block! There are two kinds of cedar to choose from that are worth exploring, clear cedar and knotty cedar. Listed below are some key points of each type.


A knot is an imperfection in the wood. This area is usually darker in color and can be either a tight knot  (called intergrown) or a loose knot (called encased). This area is typically where a branch was once growing. This characteristic is the most obvious difference between the two types of cedar. Clear cedar is free of almost all knots. There is a clean lovely grain to the wood.  Finding a fully free-of-knots type of cedar is almost impossible to locate, and the cost will reflect that. However, clear cedar is quite close. 

Knotty cedar is just as the name implies. There are knots present but are not likely to fall out. This type of siding has such character and personality! 

Curb Appeal

The lack of knots makes this clear cedar look minimalistic, and is a favorite in sleek modern homes. This cedar provides a uniform appearance of simplistic beauty. A common use for this type of cedar is in saunas. 

The look of knotty cedar siding is must more rustic and woodsy in appearance. This type of cedar looks best on smaller homes, as too much rustic can be visually overwhelming.


The difference in cost is something to consider. On average, in the United States, clear cedar ranges from approximately $5 to $7 per linear foot of siding. Knotty cedar is slightly different at around $4 to $8 per linear foot. 

The gorgeous look of new cedar siding is stunning and can make your home pop! Just choosing between the two main types of cedar siding is a huge decision enough. 

To help come to a conclusion on which siding is best for you and your home, make sure to speak with the siding specialists at Beantown Home Improvements. Our team of Siding professionals uses the “old school” approach. We strive to be upfront and honest with every client, show up on time, earn your respect, and offer outstanding customer service that makes us stand out from the rest. We offer American-made products, striving for excellence. We look forward to working with you on your new siding installation and offering you our best from start to finish. Call today! (Protect your siding from water splash, water can hurt your siding in a lot of ways. If water from rain runs down the side of your house, it can cause rot, damage, or mold to grow. Check our article about new gutter costs to have a water management on your roofs!)

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