March 21, 2023


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This Sleek Air Purifier Kills Pollutants, Germs, and Allergens With the Touch of a Button

This Sleek Air Purifier Kills Pollutants, Germs, and Allergens With the Touch of a Button

Courtesy of Amazon

There are many things about my apartment I hadn’t noticed before I began working from home in March, like the way my living room seems to glow around 4:00 p.m. when the sun shines through the windows just right or how dust piles on my hardwood floors seemingly overnight. Before COVID-19 changed everything, I mainly used my apartment to sleep after long days at the office followed by evenings at work events, happy hours with friends, or group fitness classes. Now, I eat, sleep, work, and workout inside my 775-square-foot apartment, which has led to many home improvement upgrades, including my first air purifier.

It’s the type of thing I never would have considered buying before this year, seeing as I hardly spent time at home. But when an offer to test out an air purifier from TruSens appeared in my inbox this spring, I jumped at the chance to improve the air quality in my tiny apartment, where I now spend about 90 percent of my time.

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The air purifier comes in the form of a sleek cylindrical machine that’s available in small, medium, and large sizes. All of the models have a 360-degree carbon filter to rid the air of pollutants, a HEPA filter to eliminate allergens, and a UV-C light to kill germs. They also use special technology to send clean air in not one, but two directions to purify entire rooms more efficiently.

While all my cramped space needs is one small purifier, the medium and large TruSens machines come with a remote SensorPod, which is meant to stay across the room from the actual purifier. It gathers information about a room’s air quality, then sends it back to the purifier so the device can adapt its fan speed as necessary.

The air purifier works quietly and quickly, and you can manually control it with simple touch buttons indicating fan speeds. It’s also incredibly easy to set up: All you have to do is insert the filter inside the bottom of the purifier, plug it in, and press the power button. It immediately releases clean air and gets to work.

Even though it’s not the kind of product that will create a noticeable difference immediately, my living room has certainly felt less stuffy and more fresh since I started using my TruSens air purifier, and plenty of Amazon shoppers agree. Those with seasonal allergies and pets alike say the purifier keeps their home smelling and feeling clean. “Love, love, love this unit,” one reviewer wrote.

If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your home, especially now that you’re likely spending more time indoors than ever before, check out this stylish air purifier on Amazon today.

Courtesy of Amazon

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