March 31, 2023


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This Florida Apartment Is Totally Plastered … And It Comes With Free Beer!

This Florida Apartment Is Totally Plastered … And It Comes With Free Beer!

Now, here’s something you certainly don’t see every day. On the surface, this tidbit of real estate news seems like a rather uneventful affair: a fairly basic apartment located in the small, unheralded town of Lake Worth, Fla., seeks a buyer who will purchase it for the downright affordable price of $100,000. Located on the second-floor of an assuming, daffodil-colored apartment building, on a street chock-a-block with anonymous, all-but-identical, apartment complexes, hides a condominium that harbors a boozy secret: the previous owner’s unequivocally obsessive decorating tool of choice was … are you sitting down? Empty cans of Budweiser.

Remember the mind-numbing road trip song “99 Beers on the Wall?” Well, the condo’s owner seems to have taken the song quite seriously. The hilarious (and strange), beer-goggle madness that ensues in the two-bedroom, two-bathroom dwelling is only hinted at by a couple of decorative Budweiser signs tacked on the wall outside the front door. Inside, instead of wallpaper, the condo’s brewski-loving owner opted to completely plaster the walls with spent cans of Bud. (Let’s hope they were rinsed out and sterilized beforehand!)

Stepping into the living room, the red and white cans of Budweiser bathe the public area in an almost sepia-colored light, while wood-patterned laminate covers the floors. The apartment isn’t particularly big but packs an eye-catching punch with vintage, classically American memorabilia: a portrait of John F. Kennedy and another photo of Floofie Flakes hang on the beer can-coated walls. Another wall is unsurprisingly dedicated to Anheuser-Busch ephemera like baseball caps, decorative plates and oversized beer steins. Only the cabinets and appliances are spared the tin can treatment in the pint-sized kitchen, where Bud cans not only line the ceiling but were used instead of the usual tile for the backsplash.

The two bedrooms are, of course, also completely plastered, wall and ceilings, with shimmery red-white-and-blue beer cans, as is a nice-sized walk-in closet. (Again, we hope the cans were sterilized lest one’s clothes smell like a brewery.) Surprisingly, the apartment’s two bathrooms are totally Bud can-free. One of the bedrooms is currently being used as a private office, but is easily set up as a guest bedroom if one would like to invite a beer-nut pal or a suds-loving family member over to not just wear the proverbial beer goggles but to actually live in them!

As an added bonus, if the new owners vow to never renovate the 800-and-some-square-foot condo, Anheuser-Busch has promised to keep the apartment’s fridge perpetually stocked with the iconic (and often mocked) pale lager.

This wacky, yet endearing listing is held by Kristen Adams-Kearney of Kearney and Associates Realty. The property is currently in escrow.

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