March 21, 2023


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These Stylish Board Game Sets Double as Decoration

These Stylish Board Game Sets Double as Decoration

It used to be that puzzles, cards, dice, and various board games were the traditional go-to for stormy snowed-in nights and rainy days–and now we can add the quarantine to that list. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member you’re living with during this trying time, you’ve likely let your favorite board games go loose, stacking up in a corner near your dining table, covering your coffee table, or just creating an unorganized mess in a cabinet somewhere. A solution? Consider making your favorite board games permanent fixtures in your home with these stylish sets that double as decoration. We gathered up a luxurious list of games that will look as lovely in your home as they are fun to play.

Tiffany & Co. Metallic Playing Cards

Just like a bright red sole on the bottom of a heel is synonymous with Christian Louboutin, everyone knows what a teal box means. Tiffany & Co.’s signature style will draw the eye in with its vibrant hue and minimalist approach. This metallic marvel features two decks: one in silver and the other in gold. You’ll never want to stash away your playing cards again.

To buy: $100;

Jenga-Style Stone Stacking Game

Jazz up the typical Jenga game with a luxury stone stacking set that’ll prove the perfect interactive addition to a tabletop in your home. When not in play, it serves as a streamlined, sculptural object. But when it’s time to let loose, prepare to see the sleek design transform and tumble.

To buy: $129;

Elle Decor White Chess Board Game

There’s no better time to finally master the game of chess, and look good doing it. This gorgeous chess game set table is the perfect addition to an empty corner in your home that’s begging for some unique decor. 

To buy: $34;

Giant Risk Wall Game

Why choose between a work of art or a board game to put on display when you can have both? This supersized complete set is situated within a wood-crafted frame and comes with an MDF (medium-density fiberboard) playing surface.

To buy: $999;

Amethyst and Wood Dice Set

For an earthy vibe, look no further than this set of decadent dice made from repurposed materials of broken stones and off-cuts of wood. Given new life as a swanky set perfect for putting on display, these dice will surely elevate game night like never before.

To buy: $295;

Jonathan Adler Optical Illusion Art Backgammon Set

Everything Jonathan Adler touches turns to gold, so why not spruce up your home with a unique Backgammon set courtesy of the designer himself. Made of wood composite with lacquer finish and a velvet lining, this dizzying display offers minimalist funk on the outside and the classic game on the inside.

To buy: $395;

Jonathan Adler Brass Tic Tac Toe Set

Tic tac toe is the type of game that offers simple enjoyment with just a few moves. Featuring a grooved marble base and sculptural brass playing pieces, this set will add serious style to your space while offering two players an opportunity to break from reality and duel it out.

To buy: $195;

Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Have a thing for words? Put it on display with this luxury Scrabble set. Perfect to put on display in your living room, this board game comes in the form of a solid wood rotating cabinet featuring a raised letter tile grid. 

To buy: $119;

Swarovski Crystal White Dominoes Set

This luxury game set might be the only thing you’ll enjoy seeing scattered on a table! Handcrafted in Italy, each one of these dominoes is studded with genuine crystals by Swarovski. When not in use, the set is stashed inside a stunning jewelry style leather case.

To buy: $365;

Acrylic Checkers

Don this chic board on your coffee table for a lovely centerpiece that doubles as a classic game. Featuring sleek acrylic and accented by brass corner nailheads, this beautiful board is sure to be a conversation starter turned full-on tournament!

To buy: $149;