February 4, 2023


Delighting home maniacs

These are all YOUR amazing DIY creations over lockdown

These are all YOUR amazing DIY creations over lockdown

We had a massive response when we asked you to show us your amazing lockdown creations. Clearly a lot of you have been very busy since March making full use of the extra spare time we’ve inadvertently been given – through home working and furlough.

One reader renovated a second hand piece of furniture  into a stunning cocktail cabinet. Lindsay Mogg from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire posted a video she made of the incredible transformation. See above!

Lindsay told us: “We worked on it for three weekends over lockdown in May. I paid £140 for the cabinet from a private seller. We had some grey paint and wax and I got the wallpaper as a sample piece so all I needed to buy was the copper paint for £4!

“I did miss going for a drink so it was nice to open this up and be able to make myself a nice cocktail at home. Going forward I think I’ll prefer to stay at home with friends rather than go to the pub.  

“It had its first outing last weekend when I invited some girlfriends round. We had a lovely time!”

Making the home a more comfortable and pleasurable place has meant lots of DIY changes!

From gorgeous gardens to stunning new bedrooms and play areas for the kids, our BirminghamLive readers are rightly proud of their handiwork. Here’s why…


Deborah Hardwidge’s new garden complete with cute doggy bench

There were quite a few  gardens that have been transformed over this time. Deborah Hardwidge in Rugeley showed off her new garden on our Facebook page –  and was complemented by readers on her style of bench. She told us it was brought from the Magical Story shop in Lichfield.

Jade Shantelle from Cradley Heath said her amazing back garden transformation took four days (see before and after main pic above).

“Done our garden up!” Aimie Louise Morley in West Bromwich spend a week on this project

While on furlough leave, Tom Evans and his partner in Kidderminster turned their garden into the perfect area for chilling and kids play. It took six weeks.

Aimie Louise Morley in West Bromwich spend a week on doing up her garden in style – complete with outdoor furniture.


Gemma Marie’s clever daughters transformed this bedroom over lockdown



Many of us have been coping with a lot of stress and anxiety as the result of the uncertainty Covid 19 has brought into our lives.

Some have wisely used lockdown time to turn the bedroom into the true place of relaxation it should be. Or have set bedroom decoration projects to keep the kids busy!

Gemma Marie in Kings Heath posted: “My 12-year-old Lily and 14-year-old Kyra, stripped, wallpapered and decorated their bedrooms with no help at all after watching a YouTube video on wallpapering”.

Sam Wilson from Weoley Castle's dressing room
Sam Alison’s dressing room

Gemma told BirminghamLive: “We are a shielding household so I was doing my best to keep them busy!”

Readers were very impressed with Gemma’s children’s efforts. Kassim Ali posted: ” I could sleep in this room for 20 hours.”

Other readers who turned their bedroom into room for a princess include Dee RiRi Wheeler from Bournville.

Didi also transformed her “junk cupboard into a space themed sensory/calming den” for her son.

Her incredible efforts were praised by BirminghamLive readers. Marie Usher said: “Wow!That’s fantastic. What a difference !!” Parminder Kaur- shorty added: “Brilliant job.”

Before lockdown: How Jessica’s room used to look

Meanwhile Jessica Blyth-Green turned the guest bedroom in her Kings Heath home into something out of the pages of Elle Decoration! 

Jessica told BirminghamLive: “The renovation took about a week in total but we did it across three weekends. We did the panelling ourself, had new carpets and lots of painting.”

You can see more of Jessica’s DIY on her Instagram page @ourtaylormadehome

Sam Alison from Weoley Castle turned her room into a gorgeous dressing room area – perfect for an English Rose!

Sam told us: “It took around three weeks to complete as I was also working throughout. I am so proud of how it turned out.” So you should be Sam.

Jenny Arrowsmith showed off her creativity in this room

Jenny Arrowsmith from Sheldon took a few hours to transform paint a pretty pink tree in one bedroom.

Fellow mum Ashleigh Psaila got creative with some “leftover paint”

Ashleigh Psaila from Kings Horton took two days on this project – painting mountains on one wall of her nursery

Ashleigh Paisala from Kings Norton said: “The project took two days all with paint that I had left over from my other boy’s bedroom – one  day to paint the previously coloured walls to white and then one day to paint the mountains.”

Kids play areas

Kevin Gold has been very busy over lockdown –  turning the garden into a park for the kids with climbing frames and slides.

Kevin from Kingstanding told us: “In total, it took me ten weeks all in together with stopping and starting. The garden project took about a week.

Other lockdown projects  Kevin undertook,  was building a sandpit for his kids – aged six and three,  as well as garden shed!

Michael Costin created a cosy children's book room at his home in West Bromwich
Michael Costin created a cosy children’s book room at his home in West Bromwich

Micheal Costin from West Bromwich spent two days  turning the cupboard under the stairs into a cosy children’s book room which his kids love to chill out and read.


Suzanne King Ward posted: “I converted a store cupboard to a pantry! Love to see jars, packets and tins lined up. I’m shielded but this makes me feel safe.” Other readers projects include cocktail cabinets, showers and kitchens.