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The Dangers of Vacuuming Up Baking Soda

The Dangers of Vacuuming Up Baking Soda

Spilled something on the floor? The first thing that you’re going to reach for is the vacuum cleaner. It’s much easier to clean up any messes with a vacuum than with the broom and dustpan. But is everything safe to clean up with a vacuum?

Baking soda is another fine substance that is often used in the kitchen. And it’s also expected that you may end up spilling baking soda from time to time. In addition to that, baking soda is considered one of the best materials for cleaning your home. It works as a deodorizer, gets out tough stains, and so much more. The bad news, however, is that it’s not safe for you to vacuum.

In this article, we will describe the dangers of vacuuming baking soda and how to clean baking soda out of a vacuum and other substances that you should avoid getting in the vacuum cleaner.

Why Vacuuming With Baking Soda Is Bad

The Dangers of Vacuuming Up Baking Soda

You wouldn’t expect something like baking soda to be bad for your vacuum. It’s made up of tiny particles and isn’t large enough to destroy a vacuum cleaner. But there are a few reasons why you should avoid vacuuming the carpet with baking soda.

  • You can’t truly get the baking soda out of the carpet. Baking soda carpet vacuum is difficult to deal with. On many housekeeping websites, you may have read that it’s a great way to get odor out of your carpets. However, keep in mind that the baking soda will fall under the carpet fibers, making it even more challenging to get out. Can a Dyson vacuum baking soda? No. Can a Shark vacuum baking soda? No. It’s simply too hard to get out of the carpet.
  • It can damage the vacuum’s motor over time. This is factual, no matter whether you have Dyson, Shark vacuum, or anything in between. Your vacuum cleaner’s motor needs to cool down after having been used for a while. As it sucks in the air, the parts of the motor can absorb the baking soda into the engine as well. This can cause the motor to become damaged over time because the baking soda will get inside its gears. If you notice that some baking soda might have gotten inside your vacuum cleaner, it’s a good idea to give it a deep clean. Wash the different parts, let them dry, and dust the internal compartments.
  • The vacuum cleaner’s filters can get clogged. No matter what type of filters your vacuum cleaner has, the fact of the matter is that baking soda can clog them. This is due to how fine baking soda is and how fine the filters need to capture all the particles. If a filter becomes clogged, this is going to hurt the way that your vacuum cleaner operates.

So, how do you clean baking soda from your carpet?

  • If you spilled baking soda, it’s a good idea to pull out the broom and dustpan. We know that this is no fun, nor is it ideal in a world of advanced technology, but it’s better to deal with a minor inconvenience than a major one- a broken vacuum.
  • If you decide to use baking soda as a deodorizer, you’re going to have to get down on your hands and knees because baking soda and vacuums don’t mix. This is why it’s not recommended that you try out this trick. Soap and water are the keys to getting baking soda out of your carpet- not water.

Alternatives to Cleaning Your Carpet

So we’ve established that baking soda is not the best tool to use for cleaning a carpet. It doesn’t do much aside from trap odors, but it needs to be removed from the carpet once the baking soda absorbs the smell. And, as we know, baking soda + vacuum cleaner is not a good combination. Vacuum cleaners can clean up dust, dirt, crumbs, and other particles from your carpet, but it’s not the best method if your carpet is stained or dirty.

What are some ways to clean your carpet that won’t cause your vacuum cleaner to bite the dust?

  • Invest in a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners look similar to vacuum cleaners, but they work hard to get embedded dirt from the pores of your carpets. They work by using vaporized water and steam to weaken the bond between the stains and the surfaces. It doesn’t require the use of any chemicals, which will be great for you and your family’s health. However, just as with vacuum cleaners, you will want to check and see if the particular model works well with the types of floors you have.
  • Invest in a carpet cleaner. If you have carpets in your home, then you need to get a carpet cleaner. It’s just that simple. These use cleaning solutions and brush heads to get deep into your carpet to lift out grime and dirt. They can remove stains and dirt that a regular vacuum cleaner can’t. In addition, they work well to remove the odors that baking soda claims to do. Unfortunately, many people find that they have brand-new carpets when they use a carpet cleaner.
  • Home remedies. Of course, there are home remedies other than baking soda that can get stains out of your carpets that also won’t ruin your vacuum cleaner. In addition, many stains won’t warrant the use of a heavy-duty carpet cleaner. For example, you can always use some good old dish soap and warm water. White vinegar is also a tool that many people swear by when it comes to different housekeeping activities.
  • Scented tablets. You also have the option of using scented tablets with your vacuum cleaner, which might be an option if the smell is what you notice more so than dirt. You can use it in the filter area, or you can place it on the carpet when you’re cleaning. Some are meant explicitly for vacuums, so you won’t have to worry about destroying your vacuum in the process.

What Else Will Ruin Your Vacuum

this will ruin your vacuum

We’ve already established that vacuuming baking soda is terrible for your vacuum, but there are also other things that you should avoid vacuuming as well.

  • Water: Obviously, you can do this if you have a wet/dry vacuum, but you absolutely should avoid vacuuming piles of water with a regular vacuum. Remember that this is an electronic device at the end of the day, so vacuuming water can cause you to get electrocuted. Besides that, you’re going to regret ever having thought of that when you empty the dirt bin.
  • Anything wet or moist: Aside from straight-up water, avoid vacuuming anything wet, such as wet pet food or soggy cereal. Regular vacuums aren’t meant to manage that. You can get the job done this way if you have a wet/dry vacuum, but otherwise, a regular paper towel will do the trick.
  • Hard objects: It’s always a good idea to check and see if anything on the floor that you don’t want to be sucked into your vacuum cleaner. You can always get it out of the bag if that happens by accident, but that’s not the problem here. Hard objects can get dislodged in the vacuum, which can end up causing severe damage. So, you want to be careful and check what’s on the floor before you start vacuuming.
  • Fine dust: It might seem counterintuitive to include this on our list, but you should avoid vacuuming fine dust. If you just renovated your home, then it might be worth considering a shop vac instead because fine dust will clog the filters in a regular vacuum, rendering it useless right away. It will spew the fine dust right back into the air.
  • Hair: You’re inevitably going to vacuum hair, but make sure that you check the brush roll every time you’re done. Hair can get tangled in there and cause problems.
  • Small items: These include things like coins, bobby pins, and paperclips. They can break plastic pieces inside your vacuum cleaner or get stuck in one of the compartments. Not the best idea. Just pick them up yourself if you see any.


Aside from many more obvious things, baking soda is now on the list of things you shouldn’t pick up with your vacuum cleaner. Admittedly, it may seem tempting to do, especially since that’s much more convenient than simply sweeping it up. Still, baking soda can potentially cause a lot of damage to your vacuum that is irreparable. And you really shouldn’t be using baking soda to clean and deodorize your carpets, anyway. There are plenty of better options for cleaning your carpets.

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