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The Best Outdoor Patio Heater | 2022 Reviews

The Best Outdoor Patio Heater | 2022 Reviews

One of the best ways for you to be able to spend more time with your loved ones outdoors is by purchasing an outdoor patio heater. Yes, this seemingly unimportant product can help bring family and friends together all year round in any weather. These heaters will keep you warm in the wintertime and make for a fantastic bonfire or S’more’s source in warmer weather. Whatever you choose to do with your outdoor patio heater, it is a beautiful addition to any outdoor patio space and something that you will never regret purchasing. They can be used in many different places, including indoors and outdoors. In addition, you will be able to find tabletop propane heaters, heaters for screened porches, and more. This patio heater review will discuss the best outdoor heaters and what you should look for when purchasing one. Read on to find out more about what you should buy to make your outdoor space even more welcoming all year long.

Different Types of Outdoor Patio Heaters

Before we get started, let’s look at some of the different types of outdoor patio heaters that are available on the market so you can have an easier time deciding upon which one to purchase.

What powers it

One of the most important things you will need to consider before purchasing an outdoor patio heater is what you want to power it. Patio heaters will either use natural gas, electricity, propane, or wood to operate. Let’s look at these different options and what they have to offer.

Natural gas

This is the cheapest option, but it’s the one that will be most difficult for you to use since it needs to be attached to your gas line, so you will need to call in someone professional to have the heater installed. You may find, therefore, that these types of heaters will cost you more than others. But when you already are using the heater, it’s not going to cost you as much as the other options because of how easy these heaters are to maintain. However, this isn’t ideal for indoor use because natural gas heaters cannot be used in enclosed spaces. Also, you will need to consider that you can’t move it around, so be sure about the area you want the heater to go in before you have it installed.


Electric heaters are the most convenient option because you need to plug them into an electrical outlet to use them. However, this means that you need to have it placed next to an electrical outlet, limiting how much you will be able to use it. And, you may also find that it heats up more slowly than the other options. It will end up costing you a lot more too because these tend to cause a sharp increase in electric bills. However, they’re easy to use, and they’re the only type that you will be able to operate in an enclosed space without any problems safely.


These heaters are perhaps the most popular because of how fast they heat up and because you won’t need to call in a professional to install them. You will have to replace the tank rather often, and you can’t use these heaters in enclosed spaces, but they are portable and easy to maintain over time. Portable outdoor propane heaters are a popular option for those who don’t want something too difficult to handle.


This is the most high-maintenance option on the list, but some people love the atmosphere of burning wood on a chilly fall evening. It’s also affordable, but it’s a bit more difficult to ignite and get to a level where you feel comfortable with the heat. And remember, if you live in an urban area, it might be more difficult for you to access wood.

Design choices

The other area where you will have to look into the different types of patio heaters there are is when it comes to design options. For example, you will have heaters that stand on the floor, ones that hang or are mounted on the wall, tabletop heaters, and chimineas.


Another essential feature that you will need to consider when purchasing an outdoor patio heater is its brand. Naturally, some brands are more reputable than others, so you will want to read the reviews and see what other consumers say. Below, we will discuss some of the brands that came up quite frequently during our search for the best outdoor patio heaters.


You will generally find the Hiland brand outdoor patio heaters in home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Sears, Walmart, and others. You may also find its products online. It has everything from portable outdoor propane heaters to ones that you would hang on an umbrella on your patio. Hiland’s products are made out of high-quality materials, for lots of reliability, and a good warranty if something happens.

Fire Sense

Fire Sense is a brand that is well-known for its patio furniture and heaters. In short, it’s one of the leaders in the outdoor furniture industry. So, it should come as no surprise that its products have been featured on our list of the best patio heaters. This is because the brand focuses on making outdoor heaters that have durable materials and attractive designs. When looking at its products online, you will see that they have high ratings and rave reviews, so you won’t have to worry about getting something from them that won’t work.

Top 5 Outdoor Patio Heaters

AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

Amazon Basics Havana Bronze, Commercial, Propane 46,000 BTU, Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheels, Havana Bronze & Stand-Up Patio Heater Cover Set

This is considered the best patio heater and is the one that has been sold the most on Amazon. It will provide you with 46,000 BTUs of heat, which means that you’re going to stay warm for a long time. In their patio heater reviews, some people wrote that they could use this product all day long without getting cold or experiencing any other problems. Thanks to the stainless steel and ad powdered finish, this product will be able to withstand many different weather conditions, so you won’t have to think about what might happen should you happen to leave it outside in the rain.

It’s recommended that you not place this product next to objects that can break, such as glass or anything flammable. It may tip over when it’s exceptionally windy outside, although it does have all the necessary technology to prevent this from happening in normal conditions. And in the instance where it accidentally tips over, it will turn off automatically to prevent a fire. The Piezo ignition system allows you to turn on the heat easily, and there’s also a dial on the side so you can adjust the heat to a temperature you like and turn the heater off when you no longer need it. If you want to transport it for whatever reason, there are wheels on the bottom that allow you to do so. Some people noted that the color looked slightly different in the shade than in the sun, but this shouldn’t prevent you from purchasing it. Overall, most people said that this is one of the best outdoor heaters, and it made a great addition to their outdoor patio.


Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Patio Heater

Fire Sense Stainless Steel Pro Series Patio Heater with Wheels | Uses 20 Pound Propane Tank | 46,000 BTU Output | Weighted Base | Portable Outdoor Heat Lamp

This outdoor patio heater, much like the other ones we have included on the list, will provide you with 46,000 BTUs of heat, meaning that you’re going to stay warm in cooler weather. It’s easy to operate and to turn on- all you need to do is push a simple button. The Piezo ignition system will allow you to operate the device quickly and easily. When you fill the 20-pound tank of gas, you should be able to get at least ten hours of use out of this product before you need to fill the tank again.

Since this heater is made out of stainless steel, it won’t get damaged in poor weather, but if you want to protect it, even more, there are wheels on the bottom that will allow you to move it from place to place. These wheels are sturdy and will keep the device standing upright.

Along with many more modern patio heaters, this one also has protection if it accidentally gets tipped over. Many patio heaters are heavy enough that you can prevent this, but there might be times that you’re using it in extreme winds, which can cause it to tip over. This can be a problem, especially if the heat is on. However, you will avoid anything terrible from happening since it will turn off automatically should the heater tip over.


Hiland HLDSO1-WGTHG Pyramid Glass Tube Propane Patio Heater with Wheels

Hiland HLDSO1-GTSS 91-Inch Tall Quartz Glass Tube Heater - Silver

Here is another reliable and highly-rated option. It has a bronze finish, which is also highly durable and will handle everyday outdoor conditions. This heater will provide you with 40,000 BTUs of heat, which might not be as much as the other ones on our list, but it certainly is a lot to keep you warm and comfortable. This is a fashionable heater and one that will make a perfect addition to your patio. The quartz glass finish gives it a unique touch. You will not get a propane tank when you purchase the product, but there is a small door on the bottom that you can access easily. The bottom has wheels on it, which makes the heater easier to transport and to move. You can now use your patio all year round, thanks to this heater. It’s heavy and weighs over 60 pounds, but it’s worth purchasing, considering how much use you will get out of this product. Like the other outdoor heaters on this list, it also has a safety feature that will turn off the heater in the instance that it accidentally tips over due to strong winds.


Golden Flame 46,000 BTU Mocha Patio Heater with Drink Table and Wheels

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This comes from the special XL Series made by the Golden Flame brand. This means that the product is intended to have a unique Pilotless Burner System to prevent fuel from being wasted. There is no standing pilot, so you won’t have to worry about a gust of wind potentially blowing out the fire that keeps you warm. This outdoor heating lamp is one of the most powerful on the market since it produces 46,000 BTUs of heat, so if you were looking for something to keep you warm during the chilly winter months, this is undoubtedly your best bet. And the fact that the finish is made out of stainless steel and powder means that this is a highly durable product that will withstand all different weather conditions, so if you want to leave it outside, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. It is made out of high-quality materials and is guaranteed to last you a long time. It weighs 49 pounds, so it isn’t the most portable option, but you definitely can use it if you want to have something at home.

One of this product’s safety features is a switch that will automatically turn the device off when it falls over while in use. It’s easy to use and is guaranteed to keep you warm for hours. There is a Rapid Spark ignition system, which will allow you to turn the heat on quickly without having to wait too long for it to ignite. There is a sand reservoir on the bottom that you can pour sand into to add weight and stability to the heater. Wheels on the bottom allow you to transport the heater easily from place to place.


Hiland HLI-1P Electric Parasol/Umbrella Patio Heater

Hiland HIL-PHE-1500BR Electric Gazebo Indoor/Outdoor Heater with LED/Remote, 1500 Watts, Large, Black

This is also considered to be one of the best outdoor patio heaters. But unlike the other ones we have included, this Hiland one doesn’t stand- instead, it operates while mounted to an umbrella or parasol on your patio. It’s waterproof, so nothing wrong will happen if you’re using it while it’s raining outside. It provides 1500 watts of electricity, and it has three burners. You will be able to control the temperature quickly to accommodate yourself. This heater will provide heat within a 15 square foot radius, so you do have plenty of room to relax on your patio while staying warm at the same time. It has a 1-year warranty, so you can easily have that looked at if anything happens to it that would require maintenance or repair. If this patio heater should tip over or fall, it has a switch that will automatically turn it off for added safety. It’s made out of stainless steel to make the heater even more durable, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.


Even More Options

Sunjoy Lawrence Floor-Standing Patio Heater Patio Heater Tall Hammered Finish Garden Outdoor Heater Legacy Heating CAPH-7-S Patio Heater DONYER POWER 1500W Electrical Patio Heater Wood Pellet Outdoor Patio Heater

Buying Guide

We have already discussed the different types of patio heaters, but there are also some factors that you will want to consider.

First, think about the cost and your budget. Other than actually purchasing the heater itself, think about the cost of maintaining it. If you buy an electric heater, you will have to pay more for your electrical bills; wood heaters require you to purchase wood, and so on. You will also want to consider where you want this heater to go. Do you need it to go in an outdoor space or indoors? If you want it indoors, then the only option that you have to choose from is a propane heater.

Another thing to consider is how much power the heater provides. You will want to check out the BTUs, which are units that measure heat levels. The higher the number, the more heat you will get. It’s also important to look at safety features. For example, if it’s windy outside, is your heater going to tip over and cause a fire? Does it have mechanisms to turn it off automatically in this instance? What are some things that you need to be aware of?


Overall, it’s a great idea to purchase an outdoor patio heater if you want something that will add character to your outdoor space and make it useable all year long. We have outlined some of the best outdoor patio heaters on the market for you. We also listed some of the essential features that anyone who is considering purchasing one needs to consider. We hope that this article helped you in your search to find the perfect patio heater.

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