Single accent walls can be overwhelming. Plastering one wall with busy wallpaper might not be the best move. Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock Isfira Jensen, CEO and principal interior designer at Nufacet Interiors, said single accent walls with prominent, bold patterns have been trendy in bedrooms. But she hopes to see less of […]

Comfort is of the utmost importance while selecting bedding. Nothing is more unpleasant than feeling the harsh, scratchy texture of pilled sheets on your skin; it is a constant reminder that your sheets need to be changed. Unfortunately, pilling is an all too prevalent problem, especially with sheets of lesser […]

If you think black spots of mold only pop up in dark, dank basements, think again! Any room in your home can be susceptible to these unsightly spores if there’s uncontrolled moisture. And while a small amount generally won’t make you sick, it’s important to get rid of mold quickly. […]