Like a showstopping necklace on a comparatively functional outfit, creative bathroom tile ideas have the power to elevate and transform one of the most utilitarian spaces in the house. Picture heiress Doris Duke’s jaw-dropping Honolulu powder room without its Taj Mahal–inspired bathroom tile. Meh, right? Or Marie Antoinette’s Versailles checkerboard […]

Although Seattle is not known for its bright and sunny days, we still get an abundant amount of sunlight throughout the year – even on rainy days! Lighting, whether natural or artificial is a crucial step in the design process because we want to ensure that your new spaces are […]

Kitchens are one of the most important areas of a home and where a majority of people spend their time. Tackling a complete kitchen remodel isn’t always the best option for homeowners with a conservative budget and time constraints. The good news is that a budget kitchen remodel is possible. […]