Home decor is a manifestation of personal style, and 2024’s interior design trends provide even more ways to express your point of view—boldly. The accent walls and mid-century modern furniture that ruled 2023’s interior design trends aren’t disappearing entirely. But in the upcoming year, we can say goodbye to standard […]

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The best interior design trends of 2023 are not a list of “dos,” “don’ts,” and It-items for the home. Rather, they’re a shortcut to smartly channel your personal style into your space. Interior design trends are often a reaction to larger cultural moments, like stress, “de-influencing,” and a desire to […]

“As a textile fanatic and color maven, revamping fabrics is where I feel you get most bang. My son Otis has added mohairs and velvets alongside his elegant linens at @otistextiles. I’ve been working in Scotland on some colorful tartans, crushed velvets and large patterned prints to celebrate 2022, the […]