Last year I built planter box privacy trellises for a small house we remodeled in Sonoma. The undressed patio took on a very different feel when it was enclosed with privacy trellises with greenery growing up them. Several companies are now offering slatted privacy trellises for purchase, Pottery Barn offers […]

Looking for some weekend reading material to inspire your next home decor project or just to unwind? Centsational Style has got you covered with their latest Weekend Reading post. Here are some of the highlights: Home Decor Inspiration Centsational Style always delivers when it comes to home decor inspiration, and […]

I pulled this old book off the bookshelf and was thumbing through its text. Its title is Let’s Bring Back and it’s about all the delightful things from the past that we’ve forgotten in our push to become more modern. The book is an encyclopedia of memorabilia, things like grandfather […]